Talking TV on Tuesday!

Some shows have returned, some have finished and some came and went before we knew it!


Yes Game of Thrones came and went in the blink of an eye this season as we had less episodes even if some of them were a little longer!  It was a great season especially as I thought it was all going to be about battles and yes there were a few but there was also intrigue!!  Who is going to sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the day?  Will it be the Night King or Bran as a lot of people now think that is who the Night King is or will it be Daenerys or Jon Snow (or Targaryen as we now know his real name) or will Jon and Daenerys sit on the Iron Throne together?  That is my bet and prediction!!  We shall see in eighteen months time!!!


Masterchef Australia is now back on our screens and began a little earlier than its normal time of September.  Usually it starts when the children are back at school but this year it began in August.  This programme has a great format and very different to all the other Masterchef programmes and the presenters, Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston make the show.  If you do ever get chance to watch it, it is great fun and some of the dishes the contestants put up are amazing. 

I also notice that a lot of series now have only thirteen episodes which I know lets the actors then do other series and things between rather than doing a series of twenty four but they just don’t seem long enough!  Two of my favourite SyFy ones are

killjoys_heroDark Matter - Season 3

Killjoys and Dark Matter, both having just finished their third seasons.  I love SyFy programmes and these two are similar but then again very different.  I just feel we need more episodes!!!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 7

A girl just has to watch some trashy TV once in a while and I watch Housewives of Beverley Hills.  It is the only Housewives show I do watch and to be honest I cannot believe the money which floats around this lot.  I like all the characters on it except for this season Dorit Kemsley, please decide which accent you really want and stick to it!!!!  You have to watch the show to know what I am talking about!!!!


This is a plug for a new show on BBC 1 which will be out next week and it is called Rellik.  I only mention it because not only is Youngest in it playing a mental teenager (aren’t they all?!!!) but DH managed to get an Extra part in it too!!!  The story is about a killer and the programme starts with his arrest and then works backwards, hence the name Rellik; Killer backwards!  I don’t know what it is going to be like and if it is terrrible I apologise now but we will be watching of course!  Richard Dormer above who is the lead in Rellik is also in Game of Thrones and plays Beric Dondarrion, he of the flaming sword!


This is one show I am going to miss as it finished this year with a reduced Season Six, Grimm!  I do have all the DVDs so will be able to watch again but I did love this show.


And Bones, again reduced Season 12 but I do have all the DVDs.


However they have just started filming Series 11!!!  I don’t care what anyone else says I love it!  They are doing a few more episodes this time, ten instead of six, but come on guys neither David nor Gillian have any other series filming or running at the moment so I am sure you can do at least thirteen?!!!!  But all fans of the X Files really want twenty four!!!!  A lot of fans did not like Series 10 but I thought they handled the return well and some of the lines were so funny (Mulder: I don’t run up stairs anymore!!!)  However it won’t be out until next year 🙁

Well that’s about all I have been watching so far and I will let you know when we get to see the episode of Rellik which Youngest is in and it we can spot DH!!!! 

I hope you have a Thrilling TV Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x


PS  My Grandparents had a TV like this!!!!!

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  1. farmquilter

    Love Bones! I haven’t seen any of the other shows. Heavens, I’m enjoying Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes By and Doc Martin, but I am sure that they are from ages ago. I miss Waiting for God and Vicar of Dibley. The Public Broadcasting channel is the only place I can find English shows…I love them and wish more of the newer ones were available over here. I would love to be on the lookout for Youngest and DH!! You’ll need to get pictures of them on the TV and put them up on your blog!

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