We Are Back!


We are back after our two week vacation and had a great time!  More on that in a while.  However I turned on my computer last Sunday morning and it would not start!  So on Monday morning off I went to the tech support people for it to be repaired and didn’t get it back until Friday!!  However it did mean that all my jobs, washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking did get done just no work!!!!

The WiFi connection was not good while we were away, so I was not able to post anything but here are a few pictures from where we were.



The view from the cottage where we stay and it really is wonderful.  Not a sole in sight except for the sheep!

There two monsters were in dock at Invergordon on the Sunday as we arrived on the Saturday.  If both of them were full there were 7,000 extra people in Inverness that day!!  We were a abit miffed as two days before we arrived the new UK Aircraft Carrier Queen Elizabeth was at Invergordon as part of her sea trials.  We would have loved to see her!



While we were there the two cruise ships left dock and this is one of them turning to get out to sea.


The bay at Invergordon.


This was also in at Invergordon for repairs.

We went out for a trip from Inverness into the bay and as you can see the weather was changing by the minute.  We had a little rain but not enough to stop us from all being on the deck rather than inside.


We got to see a few of the dolphins which call the bay home who were busy fishing whilst we were out.


Kessock Bridge


Heading back in.


The weather was following us in!


We were going into Inverness one morning and came round the corner to be confronted with rather a lot of sheep!  Who were actually heading in the wrong direction!!!  DH put his light on. on top of the truck and started moving forward to get them to go in the opposite direction, the farmer was very grateful!


DH had to go to Aberdeen for business on one day and this was a tower in one of the villages we passed through.  Whoever at the local council thought it was a good idea to put a ruddy great lamp post in front of it wants shooting!

Some more of the hills on our trip.


The cottage where we stay.


The highland cattle were sleeping on this day we passed by.


You can tell that Autumn is not far off as the mornings were quite misty when we got up.


The morning we left to come home.

It was a great relaxing break and we didn’t do that much.  I did get quite a bit of quilting done but not quite finished. I have not been able to get anything done since we got home as the major project is painting Youngest’s room as he is having new furniture, bed etc as part of his 18th Birthday present, which is in December this year!  Friday he and I spent the day clearing his room (which is all now in the dining room!) me having spent all day Thursday cleaning the house from top to bottom.  So Youngest is now sleeping in Eldest’s room (also my sewing room) and there is about a million of his things in there as well!  In fact he could only just fit Treacle and her basket in!  (she had a great time on her holidays by the way)

Saturday the three of us painted his room, which is now all dry and done and are just now waiting for delivery of things and he can go back in and I can get my sewing out and sorted again!!!  I will show you pictures when it is all done, it is white by the way instead of grey!!!!!  Tomorrow I am going to catch up on all the blogs I have missed whilst away.

I cannot believe it is September and we are going into Autumn.  In fact the last few nights here have been actually cold!  The days have been warm still but the nights not so and last night you could see your breath when we went out last thing with Treacle!

Thanks for sticking with this long post!

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “We Are Back!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Oh my goodness the scenery is FABULOUS! What a bummer you missed the Queen but look at that gorgeous cottage and all of the sheep and the peace and quiet and serenity!
    We have been having very cool temps also and we’re loving every minute of it! We can’t wait to see Youngest’s room all finished and spiffy!

  2. farmquilter

    What a gorgeous place to holiday!!! I much prefer the country and wee towns to the big cities. Love your pictures! Welcome home…I’ve missed you! Looking forward to seeing Youngest’s new room! Amazing what we can do when we have no internet, right?

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