The Wednesday Wag!

img_0412The weather today has not been good and we have had some high winds which I do not like.  Every time I go out it blows my ears.  Mom was stood laughing in the doorway whilst I was outside as my ears were flying but I did not find it funny at all!!!!!!

I am really pleased that Mom has made this space for me on Eldest’s bed so that I can snooze out of the way.  Eldest’s room also has the boiler for our home in it so it is always warm in there. 


Mom keeps telling me that we may have some snow at the end of the week but I think it is just going to be cold.  Molly & Mackie have lots and lots of snow as well as Farm Quilter (our friends in the US!)  It is not fair!!!!  I would love to have some snow to play in!!!!!

I hope you are having a Woofy Wednesday I am back off to bed for a quick snooze.


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    No snow here any more either, Treacle!! Home has lots you would love to play in though! Been a bit rainy and cloudy here in Nevada, but they keep promising more snow! Hope you get your snow and the wind stops blowing your ears!!! I hate the cold, rain and snow…I must need more fur and I hate it when mom puts sweaters on me (so embarrassing!). Woof, Tara

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