The Wednesday Wag!

img_0412The weather today has not been good and we have had some high winds which I do not like.  Every time I go out it blows my ears.  Mom was stood laughing in the doorway whilst I was outside as my ears were flying but I did not find it funny at all!!!!!!

I am really pleased that Mom has made this space for me on Eldest’s bed so that I can snooze out of the way.  Eldest’s room also has the boiler for our home in it so it is always warm in there. 

Airedale Beach!:

Mom loves Pinterest and if she is not careful can spend a lot of time there, but she did find this picture and it is how the weather has been at home.  She was not able to get a picture of me as I rushed in as soon as the door opened!!!!  Mom has a Board on Pinterest for Airedales (here is the link –

Of course I am the number one Airedale in Mom’s life (of course you are Treacle!)

Mom keeps telling me that we may have some snow at the end of the week but I think it is just going to be cold.  Molly & Mackie have lots and lots of snow as well as Farm Quilter (our friends in the US!)  It is not fair!!!!  I would love to have some snow to play in!!!!!

I hope you are having a Woofy Wednesday I am back off to bed for a quick snooze.


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    No snow here any more either, Treacle!! Home has lots you would love to play in though! Been a bit rainy and cloudy here in Nevada, but they keep promising more snow! Hope you get your snow and the wind stops blowing your ears!!! I hate the cold, rain and snow…I must need more fur and I hate it when mom puts sweaters on me (so embarrassing!). Woof, Tara

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