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I read quite a few blogs of ladies who quilt and we all know that anyone who quilts is a lovely person and also blogs who have animals, especially dogs, and we all know that anyone who shares their life with an animal is a lovely person too.  Quite a few of these ladies have said that they are not setting any New Year Resolutions but have decided to find ways to help them through the year.  Quite a few have resolved to get UFOs’ finished or to try a new skill each month.

I have always been useless with resolutions and after the first week often forget what I resolved to do so last year I decided to ensure that I did some quilting each week.  I was doing okay until it got to the lighter nights and better weather and then life and commitments took over and it was quite a few weeks between quilting.

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I was reading Madam Samm’s Blog (here is the link to her post http://www.sewwequilt.com/2017/01/h-is-for-happy-with-some-happy-hints-of.html#more) and she has declared this year as her “Happy” Year.  It is a great post and I have decided to try and emulate it and go along with the Happy theme. 

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This picture makes me happy!

The New Year is seen as a fresh start and we all know that things happen during the year, especially as this year is being portrayed as all of us staring into an abyss,   but at least if we start from a Happy place it won’t seem so bad.  Well that is my fuzzy theory!!!!

IMG_0152 IMG_20160812_193652These three make me very Happy!

Also the top picture is of Mr Happy from the Mr Men books by Richard Hargreaves and when Eldest was a baby he had a soft squeaky version of this which hung on the inside of his Moses basket when he was a new born so he could watch it and as he got a little older reach for it.  This is definitely a very Happy memory for me so I am starting off well!

Today is busy with work and I am running Youngest around for various things including swimming later and then DH is doing the pick ups!!!!  I am happy that we are able to do this and that we do not have any snow!!!!  They are still forecasting snow for some parts of the country but I don’t think we will get any, it is just going to be cold and frosty again!  Treacle will be disappointed.

img_0367This Goofball always makes me Happy!

So I am wishing you all a very Happy Tuesday.

Hugs (another “H” word I love!) Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Happy!

  1. Molly and Mackie

    Resolutions always seem to get broken here too so mom says it’s pretty useless to make them. You have such handsome boys, Miss Susie☺ The mama giraffe and her baby are just adorable! They make us happy too!

  2. farmquilter

    Happy is a word I would use to describe you!! My “resolution” is to do something I have never done before. I did zip-lining last year in Hawaii and had a blast despite my fear of heights. This year…who knows!!!

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