The Wednesday Wag!

img_0197Joining with Molly & Mackie in their Wordless Wednesday (well almost for us!). 

I am tuckered out today and I think it is a change in the weather!  It has gone from being warm and lovely to cold and rainy, although they have said that we may get some more warm days in the next few weeks.  Mom has not let me have the door left open today as she says it is too cool.  Hey Ho.

The leaves are definitely starting to fall now.  It is also a bit windy here today and I was outside when the wind blew and a load of leaves fell on me!  I mean really!  You don’t expect in on your morning constitutional!

Mom got my winter coat out today to make sure it is okay for when the bad weather starts.  Not that I am very keen to go out when it is bad weather!

Have a Wonderful Woofy Wednesday


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2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    It was in the mid 80s here today and I enjoyed the sunshine, inside and out!! Cooling off this coming weekend so mom might get my sweater out – I so hate having it on but it does help me keep warm when my belly is dragging in the snow. OK, my belly never drags in the snow because I refuse to go out in it…mom has to shovel the grass so I can quickly relieve myself and run back into the warm house!! Keep warm, my friend!! Tara

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