Two Into One Does Go!

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Thirty years ago today DH and I combined our homes to make one! 

Little did we know then what the next thirty years was going to bring;

A move from our home city of Nottingham to Derbyshire.

Four house moves

One Wedding

A new business,

Chairman for DH of Round Table x 2, President of Round Table x 1, Chairman of 41 Club x 1, Chair of Governors at the Boys local school, Chair of Carnival Committee, Parish Councillor, Chair of the Village Hall Committee, Chairman of the Swimming Club (for years!), President of DASA!

Chairman for me of Ladies Circle x 2, President of Ladies Circle x1, Chairman of Tangent x 1, Secretary of the Boys Playschool x 2, Secretary of the Swimming Club x 2, Swim21 Co-Ordinator (for years!).

Three Airedales have been in our lives, Kelly (1), Kelly (2) and Treacle and two pussy cats Cinders & Penny.

Friends which we made when we first moved to Derbyshire that we are still friends with now and have watched the children grow from babies to adults.

Eight vehicles for DH, Nissan Bluebird, Renault Savannah x 2, Citroen, VW Passatt,  Isuzu Trooper, Toyota Truck x 2.

Four vehicles for me, Renault 5, Fiat Punto, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Hundreds of dinners eaten with friends and endless hours of fun and laughter

In that time we have lost family;   Doris Knight, Bill Parr, Ken & Molly Parr, John & Dorothy Parr, Margaret & Walter Wright, David Carnill.

But the best thing, besides our life together, is our two wonderful Boys


dsc03491Here’s to the next Thirty Years!

We have two years yet before we celebrate our Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary but couldn’t let today go by without mentioning it!  DH left to visit customers this morning at 6.00am so I wasn’t very awake when he left!!!!  We are planning a special dinner on Friday in between taking Youngest to the Swimming Club for one of his teaching sessions!!!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone

Hugs, Susie x

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