It’s Creeping Up!

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Shops and shop keepers are really sneaky!!!  Its only just the end of September and although there are still three months to go before Christmas Day things are starting to appear in the shops!  Good Grief!!!  I was in John Lewis (big department store in the UK) the other day and getting a couple of Birthday cards for October when I saw two whole racks of Christmas cards!  Then I was getting some chocolates for a friend’s birthday and there were some chocolate Santas! 

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I have this horrible feeling that something is stalking me and its name is Christmas!!!!!!!

The freezer repair man is coming tomorrow and I hope he can fix it and if not sort out a new one asap.  Usually now I start putting meals away in the freezer for those nights when I need something quick to cook and talking about Christmas stalking me I need to start planning the Christmas cakes and puddings!!!!!  You see you can’t avoid getting caught up in it!!! 

DSC05028DH and I have not been able to sit down and sort out my Etsy account yet (!) last night we were busy trying to sort the invitations out for the Little Ones of the Swimming Club, their Christmas Party (you see it’s everywhere!!!!) I have also realised now that the second in-house swimming championships for the Club is on our 28th Wedding Anniversary!!!!  However we have swimming events on the weekend before and the weekend after, I think I will forget it this year!

Youngest has been at home today so Treacle has spent the day terrierising him!  At one point he closed his door so she couldn’t get into him!!!!  At the moment she is waiting for her dinner so if I don’t get onto that soon she will be terrierising me!!!!!

Going to get some other jobs done this evening, unless anything else gets in the way.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

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3 thoughts on “It’s Creeping Up!

  1. farmquilter

    I can’t believe how soon some retailers start with the Christmas stuff!! I saw some in stores in AUGUST!!! I really wish they would wait until after Halloween because by having all the stuff out for so many months just makes me want the whole wonderful season to be over!!! Way too commercialized for me and we lose the reason for the season! You are so crazy busy all the time…when are you going to slow down???

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