Why are simple things difficult?

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Well I am trying to sell on Etsy!  I thought it was going to be easy to set up until I got through to the page about postage!!!  Well the UK postage can be complicated and as it was 8.00pm on Sunday evening there was no one to ask!!!!  I left it thinking I would sort it out this morning when, overnight, my computer got an update for Windows!!!!!  Well that blew it up!  So I haven’t even looked if it kept my details until tonight when DH gets home to have a look at it with me!

So this morning it was taking so long to sort out the updates, I was not able to use my computer under pain of death from DH, I had to find other jobs and I suddenly realised how much I use the computer for!!!!  I managed.

The weather is definitely Autumn-ish today and quite a bit cooler than recent days.  We have put the big outdoor umbrella away having got it nice and dry and I think next weekend we will be putting the patio furniture away.  Needless to say we did not get any of the jobs done over the weekend as other things intruded!!! 

I am waiting for the freezer repair man to come by this week and that is a challenge because again you don’t realise how much you use the freezer until its not working!!!!

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We have another busy weekend again coming up but I am ever hopeful that I can fit in those jobs!!!

img_0197As you can see Treacle is really worried about all the jobs which have not got done!!!!!!

I put the Autumn/Halloween decorations up at the weekend and I love it.  No I didn’t get any quilting done either or my scrapbook things but I am hoping to this week.  I always have hope!!!

I am off to get the dinner ready and have a go at a few jobs I can get done.  I hope your Monday is going well, well you know for a Monday!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

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2 thoughts on “Why are simple things difficult?

  1. farmquilter

    Computers are so frustrating, but going without one is so hard!!! I spend way more time online then I should, but it is so easy to kick back in the recliner with my lap top and hours disappear!! Hope you get the postage figured out. Do add a little bit for the shipping containers/envelopes as well as your petrol to the post office. Autumn arrived last week, but this week, summer is returning with highs close to 90 – yep, I’m loving it!!!

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