Friday, really?

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Yep its Friday again and what I want to know is what is really going off in the World as the news is full of “THAT” divorce!  You know how they say major issues happen when there is some big celebrity news, which is a cover, so what is going off?  If there is nothing really serious happening I can honestly say I am sick and tired hearing about THAT divorce!!!  There were seven major articles about it in the newspaper today, and this is a “proper” paper not a tabloid!!!!!  Oh boy it is going to be a long few months!!!

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In further news in the UK, is the transfer of the Great British Bake Off from the BBC to Channel 4 (non commercial station to a commercial station).  What makes me laugh is that whoever negotiated the £75million deal for Channel 4 did not check first that the hosts and judges were locked into the deal!!!  What a lot of idiots!!!  Mel, Mary and Sue (left to right in the picture above) have all said they will not go and work with Channel 4 but Paul is, and no doubt for a whacking great pay rise!  I love the show in its current format but won’t be watching the new one on Channel 4.  Hopefully the BBC will be able to come up with a new baking show featuring the three ladies.

I managed to get my house jobs done today and a bit of work too and just have a basket of ironing to finish before the weekend chaos starts!  Youngest is swimming all day tomorrow and DH is going with him in the morning and then we need to swap over as DH has to be in Kirk Hallam during the evening to compare the Harvest Moon Festival!  Sunday we have a few jobs to get done but in the evening we are shipping the whole of the swimming sessions to the other pool we swim at for a test of the timing system!

Image result for autumn leavesTreacle is having fun playing in the leaves which have fallen off our cherry tree over the last week.  The weather today is nice but a little cool, I think Autumn has arrived!  I am also going to decorate the house for Autumn and put out the Halloween decorations.  I know it is a little early but who cares???!!!!!!

I am hoping to get some quilting done tomorrow whilst DH and Youngest are out and I also have some scrapbook projects to get sorted as well.  As the nights are starting to pull in I am now finding other things to do inside as we can’t be outside in the evening  as it is getting dark earlier.  I also need to catch up on my favourite Blogs.  I have not had time to sit down and read the latest posts but am hoping to do that over the weekend too.

I hope everyone has a lovely Autumn weekend. 

Hugs, Susie x

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