It’s Been another one of those Weeks!!!!

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We got to Thursday again and I honestly can say I don’t know where the days have gone!!!  We went out on Sunday afternoon to celebrate a friend’s 80th Birthday and the hall was packed which was great to see.  I sat next to a lady from our village who herself is up there in years but she was wonderful and had a great sense of humour.  DH was busy sorting out the sound and lights and the DVD which was running with pictures from the Birthday Boy’s life.  I had to leave early to take Youngest swimming but it was a lovely afternoon.

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However DH was in trouble as he had left my freezer door open overnight and so all the food had manage to defrost and had to be either cooked or disposed of.  We discovered that there is a fault with it (so it wasn’t entirely his fault!).  We have called the repair guys who will be coming out next week and have a claim in for all the food!

We are all busy with the swimming club at the moment.  We have Galas coming up, our own Club Championships, DH is busy as President as well as all the other mundane tasks which need to be done!  Including organising the Christmas parties (the dreaded “C” word).

Youngest is having an amazing time at college and really enjoying his course, which is such a relief. 

I am planning to do house jobs tomorrow and grocery shopping and a few other jobs, but I did get all my other work done today so am up to date with that.


We are having fantastic weather for the third week of September, it is still warm during the day, although it does drop cold at night but I am not complaining.  It means that we can still get jobs done in the garden. 

I hope everyone is having a Thrilling Thursday

Hugs, Susie xx

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