The Wednesday Wag!

IMG_0175I am melting today!  The temperature has been hot, but the humidity is running at about 90% so Mom has been giving me ice to crunch and putting it in my water bowl. 

Mom says I need a visit to the spa soon and then the weather will change to cool and raining because it always does when I have a trim!!!!

DSC05275I am still on patrol though!


No matter how warm it is I still love my basket!

Mom had been in and out all day doing jobs so I have been in the cool of our home.  She keeps the curtains and blinds closed all day so it keeps things cool.  The weather is due to change again at the end of the week and become more Autumnal.  Mom says when it is cooler she and Dad will take up for a long walk in the grounds of Chatsworth House. I love it up there. 

Woof, Treacle

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Poor Treacle!! Tara is freezing because the temperatures in Nevada have dipped to 70 for the high today!! And there have already been light freezes around the area! I’m cold here in Washington too…after dark I have to wear a jacket if I go out as the temps are in the 40s and we have relatively no humidity!! I am wearing long underwear and sweats sitting in front of an electric heater right now! Go to the spa and you will definitely bring cooler weather – rather like washing your car always brings rain 🙂

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