Remember this from May this year and how this is how I definitely feel when I see a spider?  Well there is now an amendment, this is how I feel when I see a snake in our garden eating a frog!!!!

We had just got home and let Treacle out into the garden, who almost immediately came back in for her lunchtime biscuit and we heard this squealing really close to the house!  Youngest and I got Treacle in and went to investigate (big mistake)  we just saw a frog sitting under one of the bushes.  I decided to go around the side to see if I could see anything and there was a snake!!!!!!! OMG.  Now I know there are places in the World with far more dangerous snakes but you just don’t seem them here in the UK. 

Anyway we looked it up and think it was a Grass Snake, so we quickly went inside and shut the door!!!

We went out to investigate after three hours and it had obviously slithered off to digest its dinner!!!!  DH’s view was “all part of life” but not when you see it right in front of you!!!  Of course that is it now  for me gardening!!!  I will direct and DH can get his hands in to where this thing could be lurking!!!!!!

DSC04019Do you remember when Treacle was fascinated by something under the steps?  Well could it have been the snake?

When we did go out to investigate we found this high up on the back door.

img_0194It obviously decided it didn’t want to be a “Snake Snack”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to know what Ophidiophobia is?  The fear of snakes and it  is the second most common fear in the world.

I am going to go and lie down in a darkened room, it’s not what you expect when you get up on a Thursday morning!!!!!

Shivery Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “Ophidiophobia!

  1. farmquilter

    I feel your terror!!! I learned to never go barefoot in the yard here at the farm…a few years ago I was moving the water and almost stepped on a baby rattle snake. I would rather step on a full-grown one because they can regulate the amount of venom the inject into their victim…the babies just dump their whole load so they are actually more lethal. Stupid snake slithered away before I could grab a shovel and dispatch it! I always wear shoes or boots when I’m outside at the farm now!!! Of course, as a child, I had a water snake that I caught in the creek as a pet for a bit.

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