The Wednesday Wag!

Here on my Wednesday Wag I am Winging my way back to eight years ago!


Mom loves this picture of my Big Sis, Kelly and I.  Kelly always sat on the top step looking into the garden and when I was big enough to go out on my own I sat next to her doing exactly the same.

IMG_1301This was when I first arrived home and Mom had bought me a puppy squeaky bone but Kelly always wanted it, although it really was too small for her.  I didn’t like to share then!!!!

The weather today is cool and overcast and so the door to the garden has been closed and I have been in trouble as I have been digging again behind the den.  Dad has to go and see what I have been doing!!!!!!!  I think I had better stay out of the way.

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    LOL Treacle! What could you dig up behind the den?? Is that like Tara scratching at the carpet in the sunshine in an attempt to get the wall-to-wall carpet to scrunch into a soft bed for her? No digging, anywhere, Treacle!! Mom doesn’t want her garden torn up!! You were an adorably puppy, no doubt…now just behave yourself!!! So glad you have learned to share!


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