Quilt Creations Summer Stall!

IMG_0053It was Carnival in the Village all last week and the weather was mixed at best!  Monday evening was the Dog Show, which I used to run but gave up this year having organised it for six years.  We all went down to support and the new organiser, Sam, did an excellent job and the weather was kind too.  Junior Football was also on Monday and they got all the matches played.

Tuesday was a walking Treasure Hunt round the village and the Senior Football but it rained heavily most of the day and into the evening so there were quite a few wet and bedraggled people around.

Wednesday should have been the Duck Race but because of all the rain and it rained heavily all day there was too much water in the Brook and so for safety reasons it has been postponed for two weeks.  Thursday was Wet Wild & Wacky on the park for the teenagers, silly games with lots of water and foam and again it rained but they don’t care!  The parents do, however, when they are standing around sorting the teenagers out!!!!!

Friday was set up day for the park, for the main day on Saturday, but there was a lot of concern over the condition of the ground as it was very wet and the decision was made that no vehicles could be driven onto the park.  They had to cancel the helter skelter from last year as that was definitely too heavy.  The forecast for Saturday was sunshine and showers so we were all keeping our fingers crossed. 

This was where I was going to have my stall for my quilted things. I had already done a mock up the week before to see how things looked.  However we had to carry everything from the car onto the field where I was going to be situated including the gazebo!!!!!  Youngest helped me and a few others which I was so thankful for.  So after three hours it looked like this :

IMG_0042 IMG_0041What none of the stall holders had counted on was the high winds on Saturday, so all day the sides of the gazebo were being blown inwards and then whipping outwards again.  It was really quite stressful all day worrying that the gazebo was going to blow over, as a few of them did.  I had begged back quilts I had made for Girlfriend and her sister to display, along with my American quilt, picnic quilt and I washed and showed Treacle’s quilt.  Although it is getting a little worn now it does show how well they hold up even with constant washing!


A closer look at my stall.  I had made some tote bags and little bags and bookmarks.  I also made lavender squares and hanging lavender squares and tissue keepers.  Also Mug Rugs.

IMG_0047I also made some needle cases and pincushions and a mat, table runner and two small quilts.  I also put together some fat quarters which I didn’t wish to use.

IMG_0048I also made some doggie bandanas!  You can see Treacle in the picture modelling!

IMG_0043The bright squares which I stood the other things on were made up of two charm packs but I had not sandwiched or quilted it but will do that now.  I just love the colours, very summery.

IMG_0044 IMG_0045Two pictures showing the quilt display and I also had a brief history of quilting for anyone interested.

Girlfriend had come round to help me price things as I am never sure how much to charge and we also looked on Etsy to see the sort of prices people were charging on there for the same sort of things and we were quite near with the prices, so I think we had got it mostly right.

Now you want to know how I did?  Well lots and lots of people came into my booth and said how lovely it looked and how pretty it was and then walked straight out again without buying anything!  Some people came and looked at the goods and then went away (I don’t think I was asking too much for any of the things!) I had quite a few people say they would like to learn to quilt and I told them about the nearest quilt shop who do classes (I hope they are happy if they get some trade) but the majority of people came in to tell me that they, too, quilt and went away again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I did sell some things but this was mainly to friends and relatives who I am very grateful to but also I hope they didn’t feel they had to buy something because it was me (I am sure you know what I mean!!!!!).  Anyway the upshot of all this is that I just covered the cost of having the stall so status quo. 

I don’t think I will be doing it next year and I did say that is is very hard to put yourself and your work out there for others to view and judge.  DH thinks I should look for a more suitable venue, ie a craft fair, but my only thought is that there could be other people there selling the same things so I don’t know.  What I do know is that I have lots and lots and lots of things which I can use as Christmas Gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Although you can’t see him, DH is in this room running Event Control.

Youngest was busy all day helping out where needed and Eldest and Girlfriend came down to see me later in the afternoon, as well as her Mom and Sister.  We had had sunshine and showers all day and just about 4.00pm the heavens opened again which sent everyone home which meant we could pack up an hour earlier than normal.  Eldest and Girlfriend helped me pack up and cart everything up to my car and I unloaded when I got home whilst DH and Youngest were helping clear up the sound equipment.  Having tidied up at home I sank into a hot bath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The other thing about the day was it was very lonely.  I now have a new found respect for all those stallholders who do this every weekend.  I always like to try new things and at least I had a go!!!!!

Hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    I am glad you at least broke even and had the experience! Have you considered selling your beautiful things on Esty? You do such lovely work and if you just wanted to sell what you have already made…don’t ask me how it works, because I’m clueless there!! The hardest thing about selling the things we made is that we put a little of us in everything we make and we feel the rejection of our stuff not selling as a personal rejection..so not true from the other side of the table!! But I know here the economy still is difficult and folks don’t have much in the way of disposable income for non-essentials and with your country’s recent shift to remove itself from the EU, people may not be so certain about how the economic future will be for England. Keep your chin up, at least you weren’t selling quilts for $2,500 each!!!

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