Good Fun!

Eldest and Girlfriend bought me a cinema voucher for my Birthday and we went to see this today!!!  It’s great and so funny especially the vacuum cleaner bit!!!!!!!  If you haven’t seen it already then go see it or get the DVD it really is good.

And here is a picture of the Pets in their Christmas jumpers for all those of you who are doing Christmas in July things!!!!

Youngest also had an appointment at the college in Nottingham so he has two options for when his exam results come out at the end of August.  I also found that a lot of the summer sales had already started and got a couple of tops for the price of one normally!!!!  I also got some thread which I needed.  DH came too which was great especially as he has to go to Germany on Sunday for three days with a customer for work. 

Tomorrow I have house jobs to get done and grocery shopping and a basket of ironing to do and I will be back up to date with everything.  We are hoping that the weather plays ball and we can get some gardening done too. 

It is the British Grand Prix over the weekend so we will be watching that and the Finals of the Men’s and Women’s Championships at Wimbledon so it will be a busy weekend again. 

Youngest is coaching at the swimming club on Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning and then he is going to a friends birthday party as well, so he will be tired by the end of it!!!!!

I love the light nights but have noticed that it is starting to get a little darker earlier in the evening as the nights start to draw in, so I am making the most of it whist I can. 

I hope you are all having a Thrilling Thursday

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Good Fun!

  1. farmquilter

    Daughter #2 loves Despicable Me! I’m not a movie fan, so she just tells me about them! You are so very busy, between Youngest, DH, all your volunteer activities, work and making a home…makes me tired!!! I just noticed last night that by 10:00 PM it was full dark – I love the sun out so late in the summer in the northern latitudes!! The sun came up just after 4:00 AM this morning!!

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