The Wednesday Wag!

I have been busy yesterday and today snuggling with Mom as she is not feeling well!  She has a cold and I have been sneezing too so I think she has passed it on to me!

Youngest had an exam this afternoon and Mom got her work done this morning so this afternoon has been quiet! The weather has not helped by being cold and wet again, after some lovely sunshine and warm temperatures at the weekend. 

Mom has been watching the TV coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show in London.  It is somewhere she would love to visit at least once.  It is all about flowers and designs and there have been some wonderful ones.

This is the St. John’s Hospice – A Modern Apothecary Garden  by Jekka McVicar and was awarded a Silver Guilt Medal

Mom loved these two the best.  She would really love something called a country cottage garden but try as she might all the plants which make up a cottage garden get eaten by the 100s of slugs and snails we seem to have in our garden!!!!!  Mom gave up trying as she said she was tired of spending money just to feed the slugs and snails.  I do my best as I bite the snails but Mom tells me off!!!!

I hope you are have a wonderful Woofy Wednesday.



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