Getting There!

I am starting to feel better, although still coughing over everything and everyone!!!!!  But of course having a little time off means you then have to catch up!  I did this morning with my work and then this afternoon cleaned the house!  I also did the grocery shopping and just now need to get dinner and then I am done!!!! 

Eldest rang to see if I could get him a Doctor’s appointment as he had managed to hurt his back at work!  They think he may have pulled a muscle or perhaps trapped a nerve or just got a muscle spasm!!!  I think I could have diagnosed that!!!!!


I did manage to get some quilting done last night and I was hoping to get a little more done tonight.  Slowly but surely I am getting things done.  DH is out all day Saturday so I will have lots of time then to get some more things done.

IMG_0737A Throwback picture of nine years ago!  Eldest 11, Youngest 7, DH ?

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Getting There!

  1. farmquilter

    Happy to hear you are on the mend!! I need to go back and read what Treacle wrote yesterday…I drove 12.5 hours on 3.5 hours sleep and just didn’t have it in me to check my email! That sewing machine is adorable…maybe I need to visit my button collection and bling out my longarm!!!


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