I Am Sick!

How is it, in this huge cosmos that we live in, that I don’t get any colds during the winter when most everyone else does, but I do get them in Spring and Summer?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Youngest started with it and when the Boys were little, I always caught everything they had, but as they got older I had hoped that would not be the case!  Nope!  He started his cold last week and I started this week with it!  My throat is so sore I can barely swallow, my head feels like it has become detached from my body, everything I eat and drink tastes of nothing and towards the end of the day everything starts to get a little fuzzy!

I have got my work done this morning, taken Youngest to a revision session, got lunch and now I am going to go and collapse on the bed. 

Treacle will be here tomorrow and perhaps the rest of the week, depending upon how I feel!

Sniffly hugs, Susie x

4 thoughts on “I Am Sick!

  1. farmquilter

    Oh you poor thing!!! I hope it is not the horrible cold I caught from my daughter my last week in Hawaii (middle of March) as I am still coughing up yuck a few times a day!!! Swallowing was miserable for 3-4 days and the tissues…mercy, I went through the tissues!! Hot water with honey and lemon helped to soothe my throat. Dr. Mom here recommends lots of sleep and chicken soup to go with that soothing drink!!!

  2. farmquilter

    Oh, and put VapoRub (mentholated ointment that when I was a kid my mom put on my chest – I’m sure you have something like it in England) on your FEET and then put socks on. Don’t ask me why it works on your head when it is on your feet, but it really helps!!! Of course, I put a little under my nose too so the vapors help to clear my nose.

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