Commission Quilt Finished & Delivered!

DSC05255Here is my Commission Quilt finished and I got to deliver it on Friday to the Grandma-to-Be!  The fabric features The Moomins  which are characters created by Tove Jansson from Sweden.  Grandad-to-Be is Swedish and their daughters grew up reading the books and watching the programmes on TV.  Mary, Mom-to-Be, knows she is having a little girl so I used quite a bit of pink in the quilt.  Judy, G-t-B, loved it and it was such a relief.

DSC05256Here is a closer view of the material.  I did not quilt over the pictures as they were the main part but instead put clasping stitches in to hold the three parts together for when it is washed.

DSC05258 DSC05259I had some material left so made Mary a bag to go with the quilt.


I really enjoyed making the quilt but was so nervous as it was a commission but I am sure Mary will love it too when she sees it.  Judy is going to present her with it after the baby is born.  She is due next week but as you know babies have their own timescales.

Judy, her sister Elaine and I had lunch out on Friday as well and caught up on all the other news and it was a lovely afternoon.

Saturday the Boys Godparents came round for dinner and it was great to catch up with them too, although it was raining most of the day and I was hoping we could have eaten outside but no way!!!!!  Yesterday I got some more Spring cleaning done with DH’s help and next weekend we are going to get it finished, even if we are up until the early hours of the morning!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope your Monday is going well.  Today the weather has been lovely and I got my washing out on the line until 10 minutes ago when it began raining, hard!  Fortunately I managed to get the washing in, and it was dry, I am not, however!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Wow, Susie!! You did a great job on this quilt – I’m sure mom and baby will love it!! Congratulations on getting it finished on time. Adorable pattern on the fabric – I’ve not heard of them but I’ll have to hunt them up! I love the bag you made with the extra fabric – way to use up those scraps!!!

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