Third Monday of February!

Valentines Day passed in a blur of jobs and swimming, but DH and I had been out for dinner the previous week so ahead of ourselves! 

Youngest has started his Level 1 Teaching Aquatics today but they changed the time so it started at 10.00am and I have to pick him up again at 6.30pm, right in the middle of rush hour traffic!!!  Oh joy.  However there is someone on the course who he knows which he is pleased about.  At the weekend we start the two days of swimming over two weekends, this and next, for the County Championships.  The older ones swim in the evening, so DH and Youngest are helping out during the day with the younger ones and then Youngest will be swimming in the evening.

The weather has been better over the last few days with lots of sunshine but very cold and frosty, but it is so nice to see the sun.  Tonight it is supposed to be very cold and someone told me it is due to be -7 overnight! 

I have been quilting but I can’t show you anything yet!  I have made an even bigger mess in Eldest’s room (!) which I need to try and get cleared up a little bit.  It is great not having to pack things away after a quilting session but then I think it is making me more messy!!!!!!!  Unfortunately I am one of those people who has to be tidy to work well.  I don’t work well in a mess!!!!! 

Treacle is starting to come out of hibernation (!) and is getting more active and I am sure it is because the sun is out.  This morning I couldn’t get her in from the garden!  She is quite happy outside as she has a thick woolly coat at the moment but it is really cold and she really wanted the door left open, no chance!!!!

I hope your Monday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “Third Monday of February!

  1. farmquilter

    Brrrrr!!! It was 70 this morning at 4:00 as daughter #2 and I were driving to the parking area at the end of the run. We walked 8.15 miles (plus a bit getting to the buses from the parking area and from where the bus dropped us off to the start line, about 10 miles total) in less than 2.5 hours. We walked up and down hills (all in the street) in rain and sun and now I just hurt! My knees are swollen and hurt like the dickens! I am too old to do that without working up to it. I hope that with a few days rest, I’ll be back to my old self – I want to go zip line riding and horseback riding on the beach soon! Whilst you are enjoying sunny, freezing weather, I want to enjoy the sunny, warm weather! Keep those bobbins full!!!

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