The Wednesday Wag!

DSC03657Yesterday and today has been sunny here, although cold, but I have been out in the garden. Mom left me out for a little while but I am in trouble as I have been digging at the back of the Boys’ Den!  A darned cat was sat on the fence and would not move but it eventually did when I almost reached it when I stood on the edge of the deck!!!!!!

Mom loves the website Pinterest and finds lots of things there like quilting and X-Files and pictures of other Airedale Terriers (like she needs any of those).  She did see this though and thought it was great

Siamese are this smart! :) Organized Crime - and some people say animals aren't smart:

And this one

And this one who's found an interesting alternative to sticking his head out the window.

And a Snoopy reference as well

Cute Amusing Animals pictures (01:12:31 AM, Friday 30, January 2015 PST) – 10 pics:

This is what I looked like this morning when I woke up!  My fur was all over the place!!

via PEANUTS ‏@Snoopy Twitter photo | Pinned Time: 20150429 (Taipei) | #Happening(Art):

Dad has been away and I miss him as he gets up really, really early and so I get my breakfast quickly, but Mom does not get up until 6.00am!  She is a lazy bones!

Have a Woofy Ash Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Very warm and sunny here in Oahu today – about 80!! Miss Tara is back in Reno with her Papa while her mom is over in the warm – Tara has to still contend with snow in the back yard! Sita, Georgia and Guinness (that wonderful cat) send their love from the Aloha State!!!

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