A Crossover!


I think I have mentioned before that another favourite TV show of mine is Bones.  I have  and have read all of Kathy Reichs books and love the show.  Last night there was a crossover with another Fox series, which I also like, Sleepy Hollow.  It was a good episode.  However the real crossover which I think a lot of people would like to see would be a Bones/X Files crossover!!!!!

I can just imagine how Mulder and Booth would get on or not as the case may be and Scully and Brennan I am sure would find some common ground.  Come on Fox get yourselves into gear and get that Bones/X Files crossover on the schedule!!!!!

It was very, very frosty this morning but I think the temperature here only dipped to -3 but in other parts of the country it was -8.  Treacle did not stay out long in her garden this morning, her paws were very cold when she raced in!!!!!


Youngest had a great day yesterday on the first part of his course so I am hoping that the whole week will go well.  Girlfriend is back from France for two weeks for half term and she popped round to see me today, while Eldest is away for a week as part of his course.

This weekend they are swimming both days so I am thinking about taking myself off to see a couple of craft fairs.  It depends upon the weather.

Have been spending some time on Pinterest and just love the things you can find on there.  Here is a link to my page https://uk.pinterest.com/scullybooks.  Tonight I am going to get on with some more quilting.

I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “A Crossover!

  1. farmquilter

    BRRRRR!! It is 75 here at 8:30 AM and I have on a sweatshirt and socks and I’m still cold! It could be the ice pack on my knee, but still, I’m cold! It is supposed to be 81 today after a bit of rain last night. I don’t miss the cold of back home 🙂 I’m with Treacle – time to cuddle up with a warm blanket!


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