We Are Back.

I spent Monday catching up on work and Tuesday catching up on home jobs, finally I am able to show you pictures of our mini vacation!  You saw the Merry Marylebone pictures from the Wednesday evening.  Thursday we visited Kensington Palace.  I had always wanted to go and also there was an exhibition of Royal dresses including Princess Diana’s wedding dress. 

Warning:  Picture Heavy Post!!!!!!

The main part of the Kensington Palace tour is where Queen Victoria lived before she became Queen. 

The first room we came to had some Tiaras from the Royal Collection.

A door into the gardens.

This dress was worn by Princess Margaret at a Ball.

A dress worn by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother on a Royal tour.

Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress.

This dress was worn by the Queen Mother at her Husband’s Coronation.

The following pictures are all from the State Apartments where Princess Victoria and various other monarchs resided including William & Mary of Orange.

King William’s Throne.

The Audience Chamber which had wonderful deep red damask walls.

The Staircase, I loved the lamps.

A Tableaux of Queen Victoria and her Court.  There was a lot of scaffolding in this room as they are trying to shore up the roof and floor.  They had tried in the past but it now needs a more permanent solution.

All around there were little figurerines depicting Princess Victoria’s life. 

The Rules that everyone had to follow around Princess Victoria.

Princess Victoria’s Dog, called Dash.

Princess Victoria’s Doll House.

It was a great visit.  We then walked into the park surrounding the Palace.

The front of the Palace where you visit.

The weather was good and it was nice to see a blue sky and the sun after several days of grey!

We then crossed the city for Lunch at Fortnum & Mason in The Royal Exchange.

We passed Trafalgar Square

DH Had Dover Sole for Lunch

I had Mushroom Wellington.

In the evening we went to see the Play “The Play That Goes Wrong”.  It is a play within a play and very, very funny!!!  If you get chance to see it do.

The set before the play started!  It does not look like this by the end!

We had a very busy day Thursday but it was great fun.  We got back to the hotel around 9.30pm and had some supper.  I will show you Friday’s adventures tomorrow.

Hugs & Love, Susie & DH.

2 thoughts on “We Are Back.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Oh my goodness and WOW! The jewels and the dresses are stunning! The palace, inside and out is stunning! Your meals had me drooling – actually, I was drooling right from the start of your post, Susie. I will be back to have more looks! What a beautiful and fun mini-vaca!

  2. farmquilter

    Oh wow!! I didn’t visit Kensington Palace but now I wish I had!! Buckingham and Windsor were the only two palaces I saw. Those tiaras and gowns…I rather think I should add tiaras to my wardrobe and wear one every night, right? Those lamps were awesome!! Some of them look like confectionery jars with lights put in them! Without a lid, they would require frequent cleaning though! Looking forward to seeing what you got up to the next day!

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