What A Week!

This is today’s weather here and it is getting colder this weekend, more like October.

Although we live in a village which is semi-rural we are not in the back of beyond but the amount of power cuts we have is amazing.  The other day for no reason the power went off, came back on for a second, off again, on again and then off for an hour!  Of course at this time of year it gets dark early so we were plunged into darkness.  Having now lived here for over twenty years I am prepared and have battery camping lanterns stored.  However the one side affect of this was my computer threw a wobbly and so I have had no computer since Tuesday!  So sorry for lack of posts but I was not on line!!!!

Little Miss has had a busy week and I am still trying to get her in for an Airecut as she is getting very woolley and of course if I do get her in it will then be freezing!

We have decorated for Halloween but I just have a couple of more things to do and then I can show you!  Quite enjoying watching spooky films on TV whilst ironing, which was my job last night as I had a huge basketful and people needed clothes for the weekend.

I am not political in my posts but like 9/11 the attack this week on Israel has been appalling.  It has always been, since I was very young, a very conflicted area which is down to politics and religion but innocents being slaughtered, especially babies, is dreadful.

Whether you want to or not, Chirstmas things are happening!  I am getting emails about booking things in time for Christmas, emails about Christmas goods now being available, emails about Christmas food on the shelves!  So if you are one of those persons who does not do Christmas until December 1st then I think you will find Christmas is here already!!!  Last night I got a request from my lot about some mince pies; And so it begins!!!

I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to.  DH has a swimming event all day tomorrow so I will be hopefully doing some more quilting and of course getting ready for next week.  Jayne and I are going out for lunch, DH has the Charter Fair where he commentates on Thursday, a swimming event on Friday evening and then we are out with friends on Sunday for lunch, so a lovely week to come.  Work as always too of course! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx



2 thoughts on “What A Week!

  1. farmquilter

    You always start your Christmas baking so early…it know you make a cake/pudding that needs to be fed with alcohol for ages!! Love watching what you make for the holiday. Your pies look so yummy!! When will the boys’ significant others start coming over to work with you on creating all the Christmas goodies so they can learn from you!?? Much colder here as well, but the furnace hasn’t come on yet this year since I have it set for 55 (when it does come on it feels like air conditioning and it has only gotten down to 57 in the house so far).

  2. Molly the Airedale

    We have a cold wet day here today. My heat does come on and I”m thankful for it! Your Christmas goodies always look so yummy! They take time but so well worth it!
    No power is no fun.

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