Do you have a nickname?  Or a shortened version of your name that you are known by?  My “Sunday” name, as we always call it, is Susan, when I was at school everyone called me Sue but at home my family always called me Susie.  To my Dad I was “Ooney”!  This was because I could not say Susan when I was little and used to say “Oosan” which Dad shortened to “Ooney”.

When I married DH I went from having one of the longest maiden names, 13 letters none of which were repeated, to a very short surname, Parr.   Then some wag said Sue Parr and then laughed and said “oh Supar”!!!!  Needless to say I now introduce myself as Susan Parr!!!

Treacle was always Treacle but I used to call her “Treaks” and “Teak teaks”.  Our Boys names are called by the shortened versions of their names as is DH.  Coco we didn’t think would be shortened but I have lengthened it by calling her “Coco Pops” after a breakfast cereal in the UK, I have also found myself calling her “Cocolokes” (your guess is as good as mine!!!!!!!) and I cannot get out of my head the song “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys!!!  particularly “down in Kokomo”!!!!!

Our neighbours and friends said they were determined when their daughters were born to give them names that could not be shortened, so they had Holly and Poppy.  Sure enough they call them “Holls” and “Pops”!!!!!Names are such a funny thing.  All our friends children have what I call normal names but as Grandchildren are now being born the parents are choosing quite unusual names especially what I would call quite old fashioned names.  We know a Stanley and a Florence, there was a Sylvia and at the swimming club there is an Edith.  Quite a few of the older names have come back into fashion and sound okay but I do think some of them really should stay in the past.  We did have an Hermione which I think is lovely obviously named from the Harry Potter series. Our Boys have normal names, both with a strong Scottish influence, as my Dad’s heritage is Scottish and DH and I both liked the names and had not gone to school with anyone of those names we hated!!!!!

I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday, two days to go before the weekend and it is going to be a busy one for us!! 

Hugs & Love Susie & Cocomo!!!!!!!!!!!!!  xx

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