Coco’s Corner.

I was four months old yesterday and Mom says I am growing too fast but I am not sure what she means!  I do know that I am able to reach things I was not able to when I first arrived home which I seem to get into trouble for!!!

Mom has put together a little show and tell of me:

Six Weeks Old.

Two Months Old

Three Months Old.

Four Months Old.

Mom says I look like a very grown up AirePuppy now!!!

This is our Park in our village and there is so much to look at and investigate!

What is that in the tree?  A bird?

What is over there, is it another dog to make friends with?

I am not too sure with big dogs at the moment but I am happy to play with little dogs which Mom says is the complete opposite of my Sissy, Treacle.  She loved dogs her size and bigger but did not like little dogs!

I hope you are having a lovely Woofy Puppy Tuesday.  

Coco xx

2 thoughts on “Coco’s Corner.

  1. farmquilter

    Coco is just so adorable!! She is growing really fast!! How is she about chasing the squirrels in her backyard?? How well she sits at the park!! Still enjoying the 4th here…still light outside so there are still a few hours before the fireworks begin.

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