The Platinum Jubilee

Well it was a terrific four days with lots of great Pageants which I think we do very well here in the UK.  If you did not get to see the final day here is a link to Instagram (if you have that) with a quick review of the Mall; .  Someone mentioned that we would probably never experience anything like this again, especially as those next in line are all older.  We may get a Jubilee with Prince William who may celebrate his Silver Jubilee, all depending upon when he actually takes over of course and Prince George may celebrate the same or more, again depending when he takes over.  Obviously H.M. The Queen took over when she was 26 so very young really.

I think it has set us up very well for the summer and here is hoping that we get some nice warm days to come.  At the moment it is raining!!!

This is Sue Barker who fronts the BBC Wimbledon show every year who is stepping down after this year and it is such a shame, summers and Wimbledon will not be the same without her!  A former tennis player who won the French Open and was in the Semi-Finals of Wimbledon and the Australian Open, she had twelve career titles before retiring and then became the presenter of Wimbledon Fortnight for the BBC in 2000.  She will be sorely missed by me and I am dreading who they will replace her with.  I have watched Wimbledon on TV since I was a little girl and have been lucky enough to actually attend the event three times and even saw Sue Barker play the first time I went when I was fourteen.  I am sure she will enjoy her retirement.

As it is #TBT I thought I would show you a picture of Treacle, above, at three months old and Coco also three months old, below!  Airedales they all look a like!!!!  Same long legs and fluffy fur!!!

 Tomorrow is home jobs day and grocery shopping and I have a firm coming to check the roof of our home, before the bad weather starts in winter again!!!  Busy, Busy and Saturday we have a few jobs to do and Sunday as well, along with going to the Queen concert and also out for Sunday lunch for my Birthday.  Before I know it, it will be Monday again!!! 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Hugs & Love, Susie xxxx

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  1. Molly the Airedale

    What a beautiful photo of your queen! I love her dressed in sunny yellow! I”m so sorry your Sue Barker is retiring. I hope she is replaced by someone that you like. Airedale puppies are just the cutest♥

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