A Quilty Post!

Yes I know don’t faint, a quilty post from me!!!  I did get quite a bit of quilting done whilst we were in Scotland but not quite finished things off, so I have been trying to get things done since we got home.  Anyway here is the first finish which should have been done for the end of November last year, so only six months late!!!  Groan!

I took these pictures yesterday outside as it was lovely and warm which was great, but it has blurred the quilt a bit!

This quilt is for our very good friend Alan, who after the Lockdowns bought a caravan for him and his wife, Pat, to go on holiday as although they love to travel abroad they are not confident at the moment so are travelling in this country.  Anyway he said right at the start he would like a quilt for his caravan more as a joke but I thought what a great idea for his Birthday at the end of November last, for this year when they started travelling again.  SO I managed to get some caravan material and I found the VW Camper Van holiday fabric and combined with this wonderful blue spot. 

My very good friend, Susan, in the US, sent me this wonderful green material and I saved it for just the right project and thought it would be perfect for the backing to this quilt. 

I took a couple of pictures inside too.

Of course I had material left over so made a couple of mats for the table.  I still have some fabrice left so when I have finished everything I need to do I will probably make them some other things for the caravan.

I am going to take it round tonight for him.  Onto my next job which I am hoping to get done for second week of July, along with another quilt.  Then I am hoping to get my Christmas gifts made for “Christmas in July”!!!!  Really trying to be organised!! 

I hope you lovely lot are having a great Wednesday, almost the weekend!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “A Quilty Post!

  1. farmquilter

    Oh, what a great quilt and I’m so glad the green fabric worked for the backing!! With the price of fabric now, my stash is my investment in my retirement sewing!! I’m not buying fabric, or much other quilty stuff, and only things that “die” are replaced – rotary blades, pins, needles. I’m so glad you finally got time to be creative!! Beautiful quilt!!!

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