30 Years Young!

June 1992 –  Britain was in the middle of a Recession; the controversial Book “Diana: Her True Story” was published; The Queen celebrated 40 years of her Reign and Margaret Thatcher entered The House of Lords as Baroness Thatcher.  It was also the Month that DH and I started our Business! 

So after the past two years of being restricted in get togethers with family and friends we decided to host a dinner and celebrate our 30 Years in Business.

Whilst planning it, I kept everything crossed that the weather would be fine as I wanted us to eat outside.  Although our dining room is large, it is not large enough for fourteen to sit down and eat.  The weather was good, although a little cool but at least it did not rain!

Our Table ready for our guests.

Of course as well as food you have to have plenty to drink!

More pictures of the table.

We had Drinks and Hor d’ouvres from 5.00pm onwards, followed by Dinner.  One of our friends gave a toast and thanked us for the evening and DH responded, giving a quick resume of our 30 years, which when you look back has certainly been interesting, stressful at times but thoroughly rewarding as well.  Especially as we were able to have the Boys and I was able to be with them whilst they will little, take and fetch them from school every day and also be at home with them during the holidays.  Something we definitely would not have been able to do had we had jobs working for other people and that has definitely for me been the best bit of it!

So never mind H.M. celebrating 70 years of work, the important celebration was our 30 years in Business!!!!  Although DH and I will be extremely old if we do celebrate our Platinum Anniversary, DH would be 104 and I would be 96 (which is how old the Queen is now).  I think I would like to retire before that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the first day of our Long Weekend and again I am hoping that the weather is kind and we can get some jobs done in the garden and our home.  We have quite a few busy weekends coming up with swimming events, Carnival in the Village back for the first time in two years and some family things too.  I think our first free weekend is middle of July!!!  Not complaining of course as it is so nice to be back to normal again!

Happy Thursday Everyone! 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “30 Years Young!

  1. Judy

    Congratulations on your 30 years in business. Your celebration looks beautiful and I am so happy for you that the weather was beautiful also. Enjoy your holiday and we will be watching some of it from over here in the states. Honestly, I think most of us are wondering if there will be drama from those who shall not be named. Hopefully not for the sake of the Queen. We watched the show at Windsor castle on prime video and enjoyed the moments we saw her enjoyment of it.

  2. farmquilter

    Congratulations on 30 years!!! Amazing accomplishment!! Your table is beautiful and I’m sure your guests had a most fabulous time!! Definitely paying attention to the Platinum Jubilee being celebrated – the Queen is certainly a one-of-a-kind woman, greatly admired around the world. Yay for good weather!!

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