Happy Birthday Dad!

It is my Darling Dad’s Birthday today and he would have been 98.  I actually found the above picture in a box of slides that I inherited when my Mom passed and had the picture printed out from it.  Yes that baby is me and it was taken in the garden of my Grandparents home on my Christening Day!   It was obviously a busy day as I look fast asleep!!! 

I have lots of other pictures of Dad but they are all in the attic and it is one of those jobs I need to get around to, sorting them out into albums.  In fact I have a box load of pictures that I know are relatives of mine but have no clue as to their names or where they were taken. 

I will offer all who read my blog this piece of advice; put the details of the pictures on the back of the photographs then future generations will know who they are, even if they never make it into photograph albums.  In fact DH’s Dad was moaning one winter that he had nothing to do (he was a great outdoorsman) so I said he could spend his time writing on the back of all the old pictures of who everyone was and where it was taken.  He spent quite a few happy hours doing that and now that he has passed at least we know who the relatives are (they also need to be put into albums!).

Of course it is all now digital and stored on the computers but I have started, when I get the odd few minutes, to put notes with the stored ones too so that our Boys will know who the people are and where they were taken.  Another job for the winter evenings when it is cold and dark!!!!

Anyway Happy Birthday Dad, love you to bits.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I have several boxes of pictures from my grandmother’s home and I’m working on dividing them up and putting them into albums for my kids…but I wonder if they will ever even want them…only my oldest daughter ever met my dad’s family, and it was only his mom and siblings. I was the only surviving grandchild after my brother died as my dad was the only one who married or had children. Most of the people in the pictures I never even met. Very few pictures can from my mother’s family. Her parents immigrated when they were 19-20 and were poor their entire lives.

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