Treacle and Us!

This wonderful little girl would have been 14 yesterday and we miss her terribly!

DH and I got back from our shortened Easter break on April 23rd and from the Monday we seemed to go back into manic mode!  My freezer broke so I had to get a new one and fortunately it was only a two day delay before it was delivered, I had a dental check up, DH had an event on the Friday night, set up on the Saturday morning for a swimming event on the Sunday and then we were off to the wedding.

The weather was good for the wedding and the happy couple got married at the Registry Office in Lichfield and then a reception at a local country pub.  We expected to have dinner when we arrived but it turned out that there was a buffet but it would not be until 9.00pm and this was from 3.30pm!  DH and I had to leave as he was up early on Sunday so ended up having a takeaway!!  There was also another swimming event on the Monday at a different pool, so DH and Youngest had to move all the equipment and add more on the Sunday night for the Monday event (it was a long weekend for us). 

This week has also been the same, despite it being shortened by one day, and this weekend DH and Youngest are again out all weekend at another swimming event!  I am trying to get some Spring cleaning done but to be perfectly honest do not feel like doing it!  I know it has to get done but my enthusiasm is non existent!  In fact my enthusiasm for anything at the moment is missing!

We have some nice weather over the next few days with some warm sunshine which is nice as it has been so cold.  Especially as the cost of heating our homes has shot through the roof recently.  The whole current situation is getting hard for everyone at the moment with rising prices, household bills being more expensive, food prices are ridiculous and now talk of a recession.  Just to add to the misery of the last two years!!  I am thinking of taking to my bed and not coming out again!!!  To add to everything I was at my desk working this week when up the bird feeder pole this scampered!  They are not my favourite animal.  We have mice in the garden and they are fine but rats no you can keep them.  Possibly because Treacle is no longer out in the garden it has become brave.  She always knew that something was living under the steps in our garden and we think it now might be this!  Hmm not sure what we are going to do!

SO how was your week?

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Treacle and Us!

  1. farmquilter

    The lack of get-up-and-go (I’ve been dealing with that for over 2 years now) is probably depression. The last few years have been hell for everyone and when you also have to deal with losing Treacle, that was the straw that broke you. I hope you fill your hearts soon with a new dog – way too much love in your house for it to be without a dog!! Prices are horrific here as well. I’ve taken to only grocery shopping once ever 2 weeks…and the diet is working as I have lost a few pounds. Of course, having oral surgery yesterday and two weeks ago (with no pain meds) also helps!! I’ll be having surgery on my right hand (removing a cyst on the palm and one of the back of my hand at the same time) on May 13, so that will also inhibit my ability to do much for a bit. As Tara plays with or cuddles with a toy Treacle sent her (or if I even see one of them), my heart hurts for you and I’m missing her even though I never met her!! Crying with you!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    When it rains – it pours. The cost of everything these days is through the roof and we wonder if it will ever return to the way it was. Happy Birthday in Heaven, Treacle. We miss you lots and lots♥ We send tons of hugs to you, Miss Susie, and to your family♥

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