Oh What A Week!

It began on Monday with Miss Floof having her Spa Day and looking so much better and smelling a lot better when she came home!!!

She has felt a lot better too and full of the joys of a Spring Airedale.  Although today, it was nice and sunny again she was out in the garden unsupervised and has come in after eating grass and digging, when she actually decided to come in that is!!!

We finally got all the paperwork sorted for DH’s old truck and managed to order the new one which will be arriving in September.  This is the new one and it will be in this colour, Valencia Orange!!!!  You will certainly see him coming!!!

On Wednesday I went to see a good friend who had her knee replaced last week.  She is doing really well and of course the pain has gone so although she is on crutches is getting around really well.  I took them dinner.

Thursday morning I was playing taxi with both Boys, Eldest to his work and then followed Youngest as his Land Rover was in for a service and then to take him to get his golf out of where it is stored. However he forgot to take the key so I had to drive him back to the Land Rover and then back to the garage!!!!!  I finally got home at lunch and then sat down for work.  Then Eldest came home at 5.00pm and said he had pains in his chest and had spoken to our GP who recommended he go to our local A&E Hospital!!!

So I took him and arrived at 6.00pm.  I had to stay in the car park because of Covid and he went in.  Several tests, bloods etc later they decided he had at sometime possibly damaged his breast bone and it was in spasm which was why it was so painful.    He finally came out at 5.00am this morning and I had slept on and off in the car!!!  It was extremely cold but I fortunately had my coat in the car and put that over me.  The Fox came to visit though!!!!

Needless to say I did not get any of my jobs done today except work!!  It should have been home jobs day but I will have to get that done tomorrow now and all the washing and ironing.  Also it will be any early night for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the weekend DH is commentating at another swimming event all weekend so I am hoping to get some Quilting done. 

Tomorrow is National/Worldwide Quilting Day so hopefully I will get some done and I hope you lovely lot do too!

Have a wonderful, peaceful Weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “Oh What A Week!

  1. farmquilter

    You certainly will see DH coming!! I have a red truck, so I always hope people can see me as well!!! I’ll have to keep an eye out for orange trucks on the videos I watch of UK dash cams!! After watching those kinds of videos for a while, I had front and rear dash cams installed in my truck! Hard to believe it will take that long to get his truck – that’s insanity!!! At least he will have what he wants on it!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    You look beautiful, Treacle, and I would have been eating grass and digging if I wasn’t on my lungeline and mom supervising me every second that I was outside.
    Thank goodness that it was just a spasm for eldest and not something a whole lot more serious.

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