Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club.

Library: A collection of materials, books or media that are easily accessible for use and not just for display purposes. 

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So the definition of a Library above states a collection of books, but how many is a collection, more than one is a collection, several thousand is a collection!  The above is the wonderful Rose Reading Room in the New York Public Library, with lots and lots of books and who would not want to spend a few hours/days here!  ME!!!

Today is Book Club Day and here is what I am reading at the moment;

Jessica Fellowes is the Niece of Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame, but is a terrific author herself.  I read her first book in this series, “The Mitford Murders” a story based upon the famous Mitford sisters, particularly Nancy, but including Deborah who was The Duchess of Devonshire,

Treasure Hunts were a delightful distraction for the bright young things of the 1920’s, one of them taking place at the 18th Birthday Party of Pamela Mitford.  However when one of their guests, Adrian Curtis, is pushed from the tower of the village church next door to the Mitford home the Police accuse their maid, Dulcie of murder.  However The Mitford Girls chaperone, Louisa Cannon, believes Dulcie is innocent and sets out to prove this but the murderer may be nearer than they all think.

I have only just started this book but loved the first one so I am sure this one will be good too.  It is an easy read and very much in the style of Ms Agatha Christie and if you like her books then you are sure to love this too.  There are six in the series and I will be getting the four others to read.


I got all my ironing done yesterday and today is home jobs day and I have some other jobs to do.  The weekend is again swimming and I am hoping to get some more quilting done on Sunday. 

I am not saying this too loudly but it is actually spring like today with the weather and the birds are busy singing and being very busy building nests!  Hopefully it will carry on being like this. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I will see you on Monday. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Oh, I love a good mystery!!! Definitely want to read it! The Reading Room is fabulous but needs more comfortable chairs!!!

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