I Don’t Think We Are In Kansas Anymore?!!!

Over the last week and weekend we have had three storms go through Derbyshire.  Fortunately our home is on a hill so we avoid flooding and the wind was very, very, blowy but we did not have any damage thankfully.  There have been a few roofs blown off and chimney breasts come down but the flooding has been quite bad again around the village.  It is supposed to flood in these areas as they are flood plains but it has been an awful lot of water.  In fact our pond which is in an old whiskey barrel, the water is just below the top!!!

The River Derwent at Little Eaton burst its banks yesterday (© Derby Telegraph)

The weather is getting me down a little, especially as it is so dark whilst it is raining and the lights are on all day!  No wonder people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder!! We did see the sun for about two minutes today which was so nice.  Hopefully the rain has now stopped for the rest of the week and things will start to dry up a bit.

The weekend passed in a blur of me tidying up my quilting.  I got three of my quilts repaired and some other repair jobs done.  As DH is out all weekend again this week I will be able to actually do some quilting.  I need to make the backing for Eldest’s new quilt and then send it off to be quilted.   I like to do my own quilting on my machine but this is going to be a huge job as it is a Kingsize quilt so when it is sandwiched I think it would just defeat my machine.  I also have the quilt which was due at the end of November to do and then get on with the two Memory quilts which need to be finished by July!!!  I do have quite a few other weekends where DH is busy all weekend to get on with things!!!!

Treacle, of course, has not been impressed with the weather as she really, really does not like the wet and especially being dried when she comes back in!  This was Saturday whilst I was sewing.

The above picture I took as she woke up!

And this is the look which says “you do know you have woken me up, taking yet another picture”!!!!

Treacle did enjoy the little time today that we saw the sun and we are both hoping that Spring will be on it’s way soon. 

I know I am really late with Book Club Friday but I promise I will get it done this Friday!!!  I hope you lovely lot are having a wonderful week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I would really struggle with no sunshine!! Reno has over 300 days a year of sunshine, and rarely is there no sunshine on any given day. So glad you live up the hill and didn’t suffer from the flooding – so devastating! In Georgia, it is supposed to be 85 today, but a cold front will be moving through later this week and temps will drop into the 30-40 range. I hope spring is on the way to you soon!!

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