Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club.

This is Friday Monthly Book Review is weeks late but I put that down to being not well and then racing to catch up.

As you know at this time of year I love to read Christmas books and also for quite a bit of winter too.  I have actually only just started to read this but so far I like what I have read.  It is very much in the style of Agatha Christie where the family gather at the family country estate for Christmas and various members of the family have it in for each other!  Throw in a number of prominent guests invited by the Lady of the House and you have the typical murder mystery.  So far I have not reached the murder bit but if you like dear Agatha then you will love it. 

Although I have rather a lot on my “To Read” shelf I have actually added quite a few new books to my Christmas list for DH and The Boys.  Of course you can never have too many books.  It is going to be on my New Year “Aims” again to do more reading.  I suppose that is the best thing about New Year you can always add the same things to your list and try another year to succeed at it!  That and my Quilting of course!  Hopefully this year we will not have to do as much DIY in our home as we did in the last couple of years during the Lockdowns!


It is Christmas Eve and I do hope you have managed to get everyting done which you needed to do before The Big Day!  I have and now for the next few days I am going to kick back and do the minimum amount and perhaps read for a while and even quilt! 

I hope you have the most wonderful time and I will see you back here in a little while with some pictures of the family and Treacle of course.

Christmas Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Happy Christmas Eve!! Enjoy your day of reading/quilting/enjoying yourself!! I hope your Christmas is most wonderful!!

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