Christmas Future!

As you can see this is from December 30th last year, so a past post really, but did I get what I had aimed to do done?  Some of it is the answer but not all of it!!!!!  Being ill put me really on the back foot with jobs for Christmas including getting some quilts done for presents.   I still have a Birthday present quilt which was due at the end of November not completed, I have two memory quilts I need to start and lots of Christmas things not even begun!  So for my Christmas Future I am going to get these Christmas things done which should have been for 2021 but definitely get them ready for 2022!!!

This lovely Snoopy material I bought to make Christmas gifts with and a quilt for me.  Needless to say it is still as it arrived and not cut out yet!  So this will now be for next Christmas.

Again these two sets of material were again to be for this year and they are sort of done.  I have quilted both of them they just now need the binding adding and sewing it down so these are a little further forward!

My good friend, Farm Quilter, suggested that the Boys should help and possibly get the Chocolate Log made.  Well I have the chocolate and the log and if they did help I can honestly say that the chocolate would not get onto the log as they would eat both trying to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!   They have managed to eat most of the Christmas cookies but they will have to wait for me to make some more until after Christmas now!!! 

I have managed to get most of my jobs done just some ironing to do now and finish the Christmas cake off by icing it and of course get things ready tomorrow for Christmas Day but that is it.  The weather peeps keep muttering on about snow over Christmas but not for us, it is just grey cloud and rain here BOOOOOOOOOO!  Saying that as it is dark all day the Christmas lights look wonderful!!!!

I hope your Christmas prep is going well.  Christmas Eve tomorrow. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx


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  1. farmquilter

    LOL, having girls, I got them into the “helping mom” for Christmas as soon as possible! Yes, they made a big mess and the decorations on the cookies were a bit over the top, but we did have fun. One of these years I’m going to visit them for Christmas and enjoy that time with them running the show!! Honestly, do children regress back to childhood when they come home?? Enjoy a blessed Christmas with your family, no matter what doesn’t get done, there will be love!!

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