Christmas Present.

Having been poorly for three weeks it put me behind in my Christmas prep, but over the last couple of weekends I have managed to catch up.  This past weekend I did the Christmas baking.  I am a terribly messy cook but that is half the fun!  I made 48 mince pies. 48 Christmas cookies and 24 gingerbread biscuits.  I still have to make the Christmas log and marzipan and ice the Christmas cake but I am hoping to get that done today.

Just before I started making the mince pies!

Christmas Cookies cooling.  These are the Cranberry and White Chocolate ones and DH took 24 to one of the companies we work with, for their Christmas lunch yesterday!

Mince pies done and cooling

We got the Christmas cards written and stamped ready to post out and the few in the village delivered. 

Christmas packages wrapped and ready for delivery.  I managed to get three lots delivered last week, DH & I went over to Nottingham on Saturday and delivered the rest then.  We saw DH’s Cousin who had an operation last year so instead of taking her for lunch, with all the new virus issues, we actually met her at home with safety in place.  We sat in her kitchen socially distanced with masks on except for when we had tea and had the door open for ventilation.  This was to protect her so that she is able to spend Christmas with her children.  We visited DH’s parents grave and placed a wreath and then we were going to go out for dinner but it was very busy in the City because I think everyone was making the most of things in case the rules changed again.  We dropped off a retirement gift for the swimming club and delivered the last of the village Christmas cards and then got home and had a takeaway!!

This little monkey was just sitting on our neighbours conservatory on Monday morning (!) probably no doubt eating one of my Spring bulbs I have planted(!)  Treacle fortunately did not see him, otherwise she would have been going mad!  We have had to have a new tumble dryer delivered as our old one was “burning” the clothes!  It is very quiet when it is working but makes a clunking sound when it starts.  I put it on to run overnight last night and It must have startled Treacle as she was barking at 3.00am!  Of course I was the only one who heard her!!!!!

Treacle is loving today as both Boys are home!  Youngest finished yesterday for Christmas as he has quite a bit of holiday left and they cannot carry it over so he will not be back at work until January 4th.  Eldest is off as he is busy trying to sort his latest project out and hopefully if all goes well he will also be starting on January 4th.  SO I have them at home, together, Hmm!!!  It is like when they were little and at home from school.  They really do revert to being six and ten years old despite now being 22 and 26!!!  Anyway Treacle is happy!

We had an early visit from Santa last week with the local Rotary Club collecting for their charity.

Youngest on the right and our Swimming Club Head Coach dancing at the Club Presentation Night last Friday.  The swimmers had a great night.

The above picture is outside the Swimming Club’s President’s House!

Above and Below are our outdoor Christmas lights, not that you can see much of them when all the vehicles are on the Drive!!!

I have ironing to do later and get those cakes done and tomorrow I have a meeting in the morning and then finish the final things.  DH finishes tomorrow and Thursday we will be getting the fresh food, I will be doing Home jobs and the final bits of washing and ironing and then we will be ready for the big day and for Santa to visit!!  Can’t wait for some down time!

I hope you are all having a lovely run up to Christmas. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx


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  1. farmquilter

    Oh, pretty lights!! Your driveway looks great without the bushes on the right – just enough room for the wheelie bins! Glad you have recovered enough to finish the preparation for Christmas. It is supposed to storm here from today through Sunday – hope we get lots of snow! I think the boys are old enough to have some responsibilities in preparing for Christmas…they could learn how to do the yule log, right?? LOL

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