Christmas Past.

The above picture is my Grandmother, my Mom’s Mom, taken when she was in her early twenties.  I spent all my holidays with her and my Grandfather as both my parents worked.

In the run up to Christmas I got to help her with all the Christmas preparations.  My Great Grandmother also lived with them so Christmas was a real family affair.  Grandma always mader hear own door wreath from holly and greenery from Granddad’s garden.  She was also a great baker and would make the Christmas Cake, Pudding, Mince pies, biscuits and truffles.  In fact it was Grandma who taught me to bake.

The day the Goose arrived, which we always had for Christmas dinner, was a very busy day.  Grandma had a sitting room off her kitchen and we closed all the doors and Grandma would pluck the goose and I collected the feathers which she would use to re-stuff the cushions in the sitting room.  It was always great fun especially as the white feathers made it look like it was snowing. 

I used to help wrap the presents as well and Grandma was very creative with wrappings and I think this is where I have got my creativity from.  She also taught me to sew and she would help me make gifts for my friends for Christmas.   I loved the time spent getting ready for Christmas. 

On Christmas Day itself we went to Church in the morning and then we would get back home and my Mom would be helping with the dinner and I was allowed to make the gravy.  We always ate at about 2.00pm.  My Grandparents home was a big old Victorian house and the dining room overlooked their garden.  They had a large table which extended and we would have dinner and then sit afterwards and play board games.  Then we would move into the sitting room and watch a Christmas film and have Christmas cake and tea for supper. 

Boxing Day was a more relaxed day with everyone getting up a little later and helping themselves to breakfast and then luncheon was buffet style with the food laid out in the dining room for everyone to help themselves.  We took the dogs out for a walk before lunch and then spent the afternoon reading or playing board games again. 

This picture was taken in the 1960’s when my Grandparents were on holiday in Devon.  This is how I remember them.

I treasure the memories of my family Christmases and do hope that our Boys will remember ours in the same. way.  I hope you have enjoyed a look back at my Christmas Past.  I am going to, between Christmas & New Year, look out some more of the old pictures of our family and load them onto the computer.

I hope your Christmas preparations are going well. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle


2 thoughts on “Christmas Past.

  1. farmquilter

    What wonderful memories!! My mother’s mom was in a wheelchair my entire life. She lived in a nursing home in California, so no baking with her. She did encourage me to memorize Bible verses. My dad’s mom lived in Nebraska and every year we looked forward to the box of Christmas cookies (butter cookies, rolled out and frosted) and Gingerbread Men! My mom’s mom died in 1974 and my dad’s mom in 1984. So many wonderful memories, thanks!! My “trees” are up with gifts under them. I’ll be here for Christmas because snow storms are slamming the PNW right now and tomorrow they are to start here…continuing through Christmas day!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    What a beautiful woman your grandmother was and very creative and talented. How wonderful to be able to spend all of your holidays with her and learn so much from her and now you pass them on!

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