Susie’s Friday Book Club.

This is one of Stephen King’s short stories book, the main one being a stand alone sequel to “The Outsider” and then three short stories. 

Holly Gibney of the Finders Keepers Detective Agency is working on the case of a missing dog and also her long standing battle of trying to be more assertive and less closed off with people.  She sees a report of her case on TV on the late night report, but something is not quite right about the correspondent who was first on the scene.   This is the beginning of the story “If It Bleeds”, from the old journalistic saying “If it Bleeds, It Leads”!!!!

The book also includes three long stories; “Mr Harrigan’s Phone” which will make you consider how you use your mobile phones, “The Life of Chuck” and “Rat”.

You know I love Stephen King and so far the stories have not been spooky, just mind twisting,  Normally I don’t like short stories but so far they have been good.

We got some of the garden done and filled up our brown bin, which goes off to the compost centre, and we are hoping that the wether will be good next week and we can get some more trimming done.  I will show you some pictures tomorrow, it is looking very tidy. 

Happy Saturday everybody. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Glad you were able to work in your garden and I’m sure it looks lovely!! I just might have to read that book of Stephen King’s!!

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