It’s Friday!

It wasn’t quite this cold this morning but it was very misty!  It is definitely feeling like Autumn! 

I managed to get all the home jobs done this morning and then I went to see a friend whose Birthday is on Monday with her present.   I only meant to stay for coffee but then stayed for lunch and it was so lovely to be out of our office and see them both!  I got back at 4.00pm and managed to catch up on the days work and just now need to do the washing and ironing. 

Tomorrow is the best day for good weather so I will try and get our garden done then as Sunday it is due to rain for most of the day and in the evening we are out for another Birthday meal as a 21st celebration and that will be the weekend done!  However if the weather is bad I can play with quilting fabric and I can interchange it with baking if I get fed up!

I am also trying to sort something out which I will hopefully show you soon but at the moment it is taking a little longer than I thought, but it has to be sorted by the end of September!!!!!!  Ohhhhhhh.

Next week will be a busy week but I do have a massage booked which will be so nice.  Next weekend will also be very busy but in a social way, we have the 21st Birthday party on the Friday evening, out with friends for dinner on Saturday evening and then out for Sunday lunch with another set of friends!!!  I will need to diet all week with all the food I am going to eat out!  Isn’t it always the same, nothing going on for weeks/months and then three things in one weekend!!!  I am not complaining of course!

It is then another very good friend’s Birthday on the Monday and later that week it is October!!!  Who can believe it will be October?  Oh boy.

Of course last week should have been Susie Book Club Friday so I will do that tomorrow!!  One month it will be on the right Friday I promise!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Sorry couldn’t resist another Christmas picture!!!!

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  1. farmquilter

    Sounds like a lovely round of socializing for you!! Definitely needed, right? This birthday girl loves the card you sent her – really made my week!!! Have a super weekend!

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