Bits & Pieces & The Wednesday Wag.

After the heat over the last few weeks our weather has settled into a more normal summer pattern for us of warmth but days of rain and they have forecast thunderstorms again for the weeked!  They have promised we will have some more nice warm weather a little later in the month but this is usual for us especially as the school children are now on holiday for their six weeks!  Of course going to Scotland you don’t expect 24/7 sunshine but of course DH and I don’t really bother about it. 


As you know in the summer we always have the back door open so Treacle can come and go as she pleases.  However it means that I don’t always know what she is up to and it seems that she has eaten something she shouldn’t have in the garden and now has an upset stomach!  So she is on the chicken & rice/scrambled eggs bland diet!!!!  Here she is feeling sorry for herself!

Although saying that she rather likes the chicken and rice!!!  However this ALWAYS happens the week we are due to go away, it is almost like she knows!  The Boys are at home all the time we are away so she will have them all to herself which she absolutely loves! 

Of course as we are away she will be able to hog our bed all to herself!!!


Pictures from British Swimming

We have been busy watching the Olympics although most of it after the event as Tokoyo are about seven hours ahead of us.  Our swimming club swimmers did not do too bad although no medals for them.  Molly Renshaw got into the final of the 200m Breaststroke but did not place.  Jacob Whittle who is only 16 did make it to the semi-final of the 100m Free but again did not get into the final but did smash his PB time.  By the time Paris comes around in three years time, when Jacob will be 19, I am sure he will be up there with the best of them. 

We have watched quite a few events; the diving, the swimming of course, the Equestrian events, the Triathalons, the bike races, the rowing (!) and some of the gymnastics.  I think under the circumstances all the athletes, officials etc have done an amazing job. 


Do you remember this?  This was the whole of our sitting room, mainly all the books, when we painted it.  Well look at this :

This is St Paul’s Cathedral in London, part of the conservation & restoration project of it’s library.  This is some of the 12,500 books which have been packed away in 977 clip boxes and transported to their temporary home whilst the work is carried out!!!  How neat and tidy but of course a lot more people involved in the packing and sorting!!!!  Makes our stacking look shameful!!!!


I have some business work to do today and also some home jobs to do as well as trying to sort things out for the vacation!!

Whatever you are up to today I hope you all have a good day, half way through the week! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces & The Wednesday Wag.

  1. farmquilter

    Poor Treacle!!! I hope she feels better soon!! Daughter #2’s dog that I kept from August until June (I took her to Daughter #1’s house when I visited) finally got to her mom on Saturday and ended up staying a few days at the vet – she’s anemic and was bleeding rectally…no one knows what happened because she was her normal self with me and #1. So awful when our fur babies are sick! I think that whatever your climate, we find a way to adapt…rain, humidity, arid, snow, heat/cold…we just deal! Hope you get some sun in Scotland!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    The chicken and rice is yummy but not your upset tummy, Treacle. We hope you feel better soon. I’ve been watching the Olympics too. I love the gymnastics and the diving events.

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