Festival of Quilts.

On Friday DH and I made our way to The Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham.  Obviously the event was not on last year so it was great to be able to go this year.  They had ensured wider aisles for people to pass easily and there were less people on each day to also help.  There were a lot of quilts and the ones below are my favourites.  The only downside to the show was there were not as many vendors as normal, especially the big fabric sellers so I was not able to get the material I wanted!!!  Hopefully next year they will be back. 

Warning : Picture Heavy Post!!!!

The above quilt was made by Alexandra Crompton who was getting over surgery and used quilting as an outlet.  I love the colours.

Who hasn’t seen seagulls sitting on steps like this?  Greta Fitchett of Derbyshire made this and it is entitled “Chips on the Menu Again”!!!!

The above is by LeAnn Hileman of Glendale, USA and is called “Missouri Barn”

I think this is my favourite by Jane Wheeler of Hampshire called “Treescape II” and the depth was amazing in fabric.

Again the one below is by Greta Fitchett and called “Dance at Dawn”.  I love the colours in it.

The above one is by Helen Schutten of the Netherlands and is called “My View of Brexit” Again I love the colours.

You know I love Elephants so this is my other favourite. This is by Susan de Vanny of Australia and is called “Deceptive”.

The above one is by Mary Mayne of Bedfordshire and is called “Banhamayne Village.  Lots of lovely houses/cottages.

The above one is by Birgitta Jadenfelt of Sweden and is called “Kotten”  Again the colours I love.

This was amazing.  By Jane O’Sullivan of Surrey and is called “Homeless Quilt”.  Jane volunterred at the charity Crisis in 2019 helping to repair garments for homless people.  The team helped 700 people so this quilt has 700 luggage labels with fabric on and they are joined by their string tabs. My only thought is where do you put this after the show!!!

I love the colours in the above quilt.  It is two person quilt; Tracy Balsdon & Sandy Chandler. 

Who doesn’t love a sewing based quilt?  This is by Connie Coupland & Shauna Large

Another two person quilt above by Maureen Lazenby & Iminei.  It is called “Maritime Signal Flags”

Another two person quilt by Alice Armstrong & Nicole Rollo and is called “Such a Pretty Garden of Flowers”  I just love the colours. 

The above quilt is a Group Quilt by Dulwich Quilters who number 28.  It is entitled “Housebound” and made during Lockdown.  I just love all the houses.

Above another Group Quilt; Upcycled FOQ Group of 34 called “A Cup of Me”!

Another Group Quilt above, Gibside Sewing Group of 12 and called “For Ever For Everyone”

Finally on Topic; Black Widow Natasha Romanoff played by Scarlett Johansson.

As I say these are my favourites and not the entire show, some of the quilts whilst being brillant were just not my taste.  I will be going next year, hopefully, and as I say hopefully it will be back to its normal size etc.

The weekend was very chaotic at home for various reasons and this week is about the same (!) and although we are due to be away from Saturday on vacation for two weeks it looks like we will not now be able to go until next Tuesday (!).  Joy!  Hey ho.

I have quite a few jobs to do this week as well but it now seems that I have more time (!) Always a silver lining I suppose.

Hope you are all having a good week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

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  1. Molly the Airedale

    Wow – so many beauties! The Missouri Barn looks like a photograph. It absolutely blows me away! Love the one with the sewing machines and irons and scissors, etc. It’s such a work of art as are all of the others! What a fun experience to see all of these quilts!

  2. farmquilter

    So many amazing quilts and I love the ones you shared – the Missouri Barn, Treescape and the Elephant are my favorites!!! Hope you have a lovely time in Scotland – at least you get to go!!

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