The Wednesday Wag.

It is another sunny glorious day in Derbyshire and I have been outside with my tennis ball. 

I took my lunchtime biscuit outside as well.

However as it is very warm today I do spend sometime inside on the cool tiles but I can keep an eye on my garden whilst I am in. 

Mom follows this lovely Airedale on Instagram ( whose name is Toffee, very similar to my name of Treacle.  However what fascinates Mom about Toffee is those ears, they are apparently “a lifestyle choice” but Mom has never seen an Airedale with standy up ears.  Mom thinks it makes Toffee look surprised all the time, but very, very cute!!!!

I hope you are having some lovely summer weather, I am making the most of it before it rains or becomes cold again. 

Have a very good Woofy Week.

Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Our weather is still too hot and sticky to go outside for any length of time. Tomorrow will be better! I would love to play ball with you, Treacle! We see Airedales with standy uppy ears on FB quite often. We think Toffee is cute!

  2. farmquilter

    I saw my first Airedale in real life just a few weeks ago!!! Tara and Sita and adjusting to being at another house!! The last week they learned how to get along with 4 pit bulls and now they are sharing a house with an Italian Mastiff, retriever mix and a German Shepherd as well as 3 bunnies. Bunnies in cages, Tara and Sita in a crate and the big dogs have the run of the house right now, but they will trade off. Enjoy your sunshine, we have been having lots of rain (over 6″ in 2 hours!!!) and cloudy skies.

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