A Good Excuse!

Do you know what I hate the most?  When people use a bad situation as an excuse for bad service!!!!! 

I won’t go into all the details but our energy supplier is using the Covid situation as an excuse not to deal with complaints.  When I finally got through to talk to somebody (after 37 minutes on hold!) on Monday the person who answered said she would call me back on Tuesday; I am still waiting!  I called again today and when I finally got through again the woman put me on hold for 15 minutes and said it would be sorted by Monday next – I don’t believe it!  When I asked woman 1 on Monday where she was she said Nottingham.  When I asked woman 2 today she said Leicestershire however both of them had African accents.  When I asked woman 2 about this she said that they do have an African call centre but she wasn’t in it!  When I said that two of them had different answers of where they are in the UK she had no answer!!!!!!!!  I said I wanted to complain and she said she could deal with it; I said no and I wanted to speak to someone in the UK she transferred me to another automated system and after an hour of no answer I hung up, a call which of course I paid for!!!!  GRR,,,,,,,,

It is also like all the articles being written at the moment by journalists who are making the new Lockdown out to be horrendous and ordinary people are giving interviews saying how bad they feel.  I know for some people it can be really hard but at the end of the day we all have to get through this and we need to make the best of the situation.  Continually moaning about it is not helping anyone!

Rant over!!!!!


Anyway as it is Thursday I thought I would show you some pictures from various January’s and a couple from December (!) for #TBT.

The Boys have always liked vehicles of any shape or form and both of them could not wait to be able to drive.  We found a scheme where they could have a first, second, third and fourth drives, building up their skills until they could actually have driving lessons.

Above is Eldest having his First Drive.

Above is Youngest having his First Drive four years later!

Of  course trains were their most favourite of transport, especially the steam trains!  When it included The Hogwarts Express well you can imagine! 

At Great Central Railway on a visit and Thomas was there!

For Youngest’s 7th Birthday we were at Great Central Railway and had lunch on the steam train. 

Eldest who is eleven here and I on the train for lunch.

Youngest and DH.

They loved having lunch on the train so we have been quite a few times since.  In fact as last year was so bad for funds for Great Central Railway they have put on Breakfast trains and we were all going to go in February but if the lockdown continues we won’t be going.  Hopefully they will move the events for when we can all go.

It has been snowing here today but not settling really just very wet and Treacle has had the same response, I don’t want to go out!  Needless to say that she does get sent out because she hasn’t been out for ages!!! 

Tomorrow is home jobs day and at the weekend I am hoping to get some more quilting done.  I think DH and the Boys are busy sorting out the garage and car things again!

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Everywhere firms seem to be using COVID as an excuse for lousy service! I have found a few businesses and individuals that are going out of their way to provide exemplary customer service that I will continue to use even after this “pandemic” has passed!! The CDC (Center for Disease Control) here has finally admitted that at least 96% of the deaths labeled “COVID” were really not. https://newtube.app/WorldView/LXvWUQx?fbclid=IwAR0Lnl69TPInU2gZkydLjpygMpyuNyyDlSMEqJT19Uw7o42HQSz7qIZg_no&__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=9f2089e6ebdfc4bdbdf7d8fb4ac1d7b74e16559c-1610658150-0-AcJIW50Z_3i9SzQTbQ0AghETQDMQYGH8y6lkZgw81qpoxZDGy3ituOogmNFCVS9dwwOlhIVw5FeY4xRRRnqGNXHgWc0pZ68cDm1WQ6AWPna2clJtM5O5Mdt89Dn7Md69UUaf9mhotbg7VDEjGSmSti1R3-YhTh0KigjDwkSXrcZFLVW3wUf6dSuBk54K_69CkVuQPdIMDjpB4Q5NWgK04WcMKMNnKnVSMd_jj2Mny6vziAWc8ve5xVF-wBVKoDDcEIhO7v-7xTnt7nye5l3RS6tPZU0HeEcZuEok-Treia6uhS08yWxRW72QJ2DvLVicWBQ8Pvq140kRroLZpIa-KUoyMW9KEe3Z2zX-KxO5UxSIrwcigmGx6oKO1kv2M-YpkyJ7jX00QFYCy89B0KJPHsNA4DVztrkxTy-4TwtUjK4b

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