The Wednesday Wag.

It is doing this today!  You just know how much I love the rain, NOT!  I got wet this morning with Daddy, he then went out and Mom and Eldest, who has a day off today, got back and let me out again and it was STILL raining so I had to be dried again!

I am NOT amused!

I am okay now as I am snoozing in my basket but am going to resist when I am requested to go out again!!!!! I am in rather a grumpy mood now!  Beware all who come near!!!!!

Wet Woofy Wednesday Wag!

Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag.

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle, you need to think of every excursion out into the rain as a mini spa day!! You love getting massaged as your coat gets dried every time you come in! I don’t get spa days anywhere but the kitchen sink and then I freeze, so I really don’t like the rain either, but I get my coat massaged dry either! Hope tomorrow is sunny!! Meanwhile, spend some quality time in your basket or on mom’s bed!

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