That was the Week That Was!

Well despite trying to be more organised (!), getting things done immediatley and trying to keep on top of work, home jobs etc I still get to the end of the week failing at it all!!! Including this wretched new writer!!!!!

If we are not at swimming we are having zoom meetings about it! Work, which is a good thing, has been manic since everyone now seems to be back from whatever holiday they managed to take, but restrictions because of Covid are now happening on a local authority basis, which means that where we live is in a high Tier but everywhere else around us is in a medium Tier!!! So I am not sure what I am able to do or if I can go out or not, except to work which is a laugh when I work from home!

You know how the Chinese have The Year of the Rat or whatever the animal is? Well 2020 will be “The Year of the Confused”!!!

You know we have been having issues with our home. Well the roofing man is coming in a few weeks to repair that, with scaffolding in tow (!), the drive people are coming to tarmac the drive soon before Winter(!) and we need to get some glass replaced in our windows!!! This is because, especially the roof issue, that the people we bought the house from bought the land but then could not really afford to build the house. So they said to the builder to cut corners where he could, then he actually cut a lot more corners to make as much profit as possible. Therefore every time we do a job it becomes so much bigger as we have to put faults right!!! Home ownership who would have it!!!

Quilting is non-existent at the moment, I have four tops which need quilting and lots of other things I should be getting on with but time just slips away at the moment. I have come up with a huge plan which I have written down for ALL of the things I want to do and am then going to tick them off. It is the only way I can see getting things done at the moment. I was up ironing until 2.30am on Sunday morning as I had got behind with that!!!!!!

Somebody had a Spa Day last Friday and looks so much better and smells a lot better than she did!!!! Her bed has been washed but the cover not put back on but that does not stop an Airedale Terrier! She is lying on the inner and in fact likes the inner better than the outer! However I cannot wash the inners very well so she will have to have the cover put back on! Can you say comfy????

Anyway I am going to make sure that I post something every day this week, come hell or high Covid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you lovely lot are all staying safe and well.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “That was the Week That Was!

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle does look comfy in her bed!! Home ownership is lovely until you have to fix everything that breaks…seems to be an on-going state of affairs!! Hope you can get everything done before the winter cold and rains arrive. It will be nice to have lots of parking for everyone! Windows do make such a big difference – we went from single-pane windows to dual pane so there is no longer a draft blowing in any more!

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