Sunny Tuesday.

Today is very sunny, not warm at all but a brillant Blue sky, as you can see! Just seeing the sun makes you feel better even if you can’t be outside for long even Treacle is out and in quickly at the moment except for last night when it was pouring with rain and she came in soaked!!

Here are some pictures of the garden after the work DH and I did over the weekend, in the sunshine. Treacle of course is in on the act!

We had a zoom meeting last night for swimming! If we are not at swimming we are having meetings about it! Anyway one of the attendees is a Sister for the NHS and she was all doom and gloom. She is like this anyway without the Covid situation and to hear her talk she is definitely Chicken Licken! The problem with this whole situation is do you believe what the experts and Government are telling you? To my mind we are following the rules and yet still seem to be told that if you set foot out of your home you will get it or pass it on! It is no wonder that cases of depression are rising and surely that is going to be more of a problme than Covid?

Enough about Covid!! Christmas plans are coming together and I have started to get the presents for DH, Eldest, Youngest, Girlfriend and Treacle. At the moment Christmas won’t be any different to normal for us as there is only five of us, so we won’t have a problem with more than six. We won’t, of course, be having our Christmas Party this year which I will miss, but if by this time next year things have settled down then that is something to look forward to.

I am having a real issue with this new writer from WordPress and still need to try and get in touch with them but I suspect the answer will be “tough, get used to it”!!!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “Sunny Tuesday.

  1. farmquilter

    Love seeing the sunshine!! Where I grew up, we would have over 300 days of sunshine a year and, even though the climate is similar, the farm is far enough north that the jet stream regularly brings clouds (not necessary rain/snow) and I miss the sun. I would find it difficult to live on the coast with the mostly cloudy days. I miss the sunshine! I don’t personally know a single person who has been diagnosed with COVID, from coast to coast in the USA, England and Australia. One blogger I follow has been diagnosed (he’s a flight attendant), but no one I know has died from or with COVID. People are either terrified to set foot out of their homes or they take sensible precautions. Some people are idiots and party like crazy (university students). Heck, I’ve been in the hospital twice, had two surgeries with one more scheduled for tomorrow morning. I don’t wear a mask unless I don’t have a choice (hospitals, doctors), because I don’t think they really help with keeping out the virus – how do medical people get sick if they are wearing all this protective gear if they really work – and why aren’t we told to use bio-hazard disposal containers for our masks? I think the virus is real but the numbers have been manipulated to allow governments, local and state especially, more control over us. Tired of it. Makes me doubt anything coming from the WHO, CDC and city/state politicians. When do you and DH hand over the reins on the swimming? At the end of this year? Sounds like it is becoming more of a pain than a joy! I hope you find some time to sew!

  2. Judy

    Today is a rainy day here but tomorrow it is supposed to be nice. Yes, here in the US we are covid weary. Like Farm quilter I remarked to my husband just yesterday we don’t know one person that has had covid. My daughter has had one or two co workers that have been diagnosed but it didn’t spread throughout the workplace. Yesterday the head of the WHO in an interview said people need to get out of their houses……hmmm he has said the exact opposite for the last several months. I saw another interview and I am not sure who it was but he said there is a lot of suppression in the scientific community of people who have done studies that say masks don’t work unless they are the N95 ones. If you aren’t saying what certain people want to hear then you are not valid. I am more weary of all the things we have to worry about not saying or are supposed to say instead. . I hope you have a good week.

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