Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club.


I am half way through this book but as it is 700 odd pages long I get a pass.  It is Book One in a series of three by Robert Jordan. 

Set in a distant land Rand is busy helping his father take cider into the village from their farm for the celebration of Beltine (spring to you and I).  However his father is concerned about visitors to the village and a strange hooded figure on a black horse which only Rand and his two friends could see.  His father, much to Rand’s annoyance, insists they go back to the farm, where in the dark of night they are attacked by un-holy beasts.  With his father badly hurt Rand gets him back to the village where he discovers that it was attacked, but only his friends’ houses.

One of the visitors tells him that he and his two friends need to leave the village and travel to the far distant Capital but won’t tell him why, but it is the only way to keep their village safe.  Having healed his father the visitor insists they leave in the middle of the night all haste to the Capital.

The story unfolds with the un-holy beasts at their heels, Rand and his friends being terrorised in their dreams and new cities which are not friendly either.

I love these fantasy books and am looking forward to reading Books 2 and 3 as well.  They certainly take you away from real life for a while!!!  If you like fantasy books, in the style of Tolkien then you will love this series.  As always available from Amazon in all forms.



I have been reading so much and working, I have been finding that my eyes are getting very tired.  I use glasses to read and work at the computer and I did have an eye test last year and it was okay but I was due for a re-test in March, which of course did not happen.  Anyway I have booked in for a test next week!


It is Molly’s Mom’s Birthday today!  We hope you have a lovely day!

Have a wonderful weekend all. Hopefully we will be able to get some jobs done outside over the weekend as the weather is supposed to be warmer and sunny.

Friday Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I love Tolkien!!! I’ll have to check out this series!! I hope Molly’s Mom had a great day! 95 and sunny here…hope you get 80’s for the weekend with sun!! Just don’t get burned!!

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