Tuesday Thoughts!


Yesterday was really busy with wok, start of the week and all that, and I was also doing accounts!!!  Any ho our Government has now decided that we all need to wear face masks in shops!  They are still arguing between themselves as to whether this is a good idea or not and whether it is any help whatsoever!  I think they should just say we need to wear masks if we are outside and have done with it!!!  I had to wear one to go into the hospital for my check up and I have an appointment at the Spa I go to on Friday and have to wear a mask in there, so just make it all the time!!!!


This was the sky from the front of our home yesterday morning. It soon went down hill with rain!


This is the view from our Cottage in The Highlands!  We are really hoping that we get to go in August!


This was last August, the Edinburgh Book Festival.  Of course it is not on this year but they are doing the Festival on line.  It is on from 15th to 31st August and there will be lots of free things to look at.  Here is a link 


Treacle’s enjoying the summer as it is at the moment and getting out in the garden when it is sunny!!  It has gone cool again this week so we are hoping it will pick up again later in the week.

Saturday DH and I are venturing out to see friends.  We are off to their home and hopefully having BBQ outside.  We have not seen them since before Christmas so it will be nice to get out and socialise, hopefully we won’t have forgotten how to!!!!!!


We are trying to get all the paperwork done for the swimmers to get back into the pools, which is now looking like after July 25th but of course that could change!!!  It just seems that we keep getting more and more paperwork to do!!!!  The above picture is of the Boys when we were in Florida!!! 

I hope you lovely lot had a great weekend and will have a good week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx



2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Masks are mandatory here anytime we leave the house and get into our cars and go. Molly and I don’t have to wear one to walk in our neighborhood as long as we social distance but shops, gas station, banks, restaurants, the grocery store – anyplace that you come into contact with people.
    You look adorable sitting there with your tennis ball, Treacle!

  2. farmquilter

    Masks are mandatory in my state as well, but I rarely wear one. I don’t leave the house that often and order my groceries online so I’m just sitting in my car as they load the back end. When I go to the doctor or hospital, I do have to wear one and I don’t like it, (I don’t believe any mask available to the general public can filter out a virus that is .001 microns!) but I’ll wear my protest mask!! I hope you get some summer warm that sticks around…especially for your Saturday BBQ! I’ve decided to make a quilt with masks after this insanity is finished.

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