So Week 11 of Lockdown and slow easing of certain things, despite our Supermarkets saying that there is now no problem with their supply chains, there is no flour of any description available!!!  It is, they say, because everyone has been buying flour at the start of Lockdown for baking and the flour mills cannot keep up with the demand.  Surely after eleven weeks now things should have gotten a little easier?  Anyway I have managed to find, on line, a supplier who has plenty of flour and it should be arriving tomorrow.


Which brings me to the second supply issue, lack of eggs!  Are the chickens in Lockdown?  Are they social distancing so not laying?  Really!!!!  I managed to buy twenty four eggs last week which will be okay for a bit but I usually buy that amount every week for cooking/baking etc.   Good Grief Charlie Brown!!!!

Eldest has heard that he is back at work from Thursday of this week, yeah.  Although I am going to miss him terribly as he has been at home for 24 weeks since he dislocated his shoulder and was just due to go back as Lockdown happened!!!! I always used to feel like this when the Boys went back to school after the summer holidays.  Anyway he is so pleased.  However Youngest will not be happy as he has not heard anything yet!!!!  Swings & Roundabouts!!!

Our nice sunny weather is due to break tomorrow with rain and cooler temperatures which is just as I told it would be as Treacle goes to her spa on Thursday!!!  It is not due to rain on Thursday which is a good thing as we are eating outside with the Boys and their girls, we will be wrapped up though.  Hopefully the sunny weather will return soon.

Happy Tuesday All.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Shortages.

  1. farmquilter

    Shortages are still happening here as well. With the protests and riots, freeways are being closed and truckers and choosing to just stay out of the big cities. I think they will find their stores lacking essentials. This is absolutely a crazy time. I hope the weather is nice for your dinner Thursday night! So great that Eldest is going back to work…hope Youngest hears soon about his return date!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    We have flour shortages here also but eggs seem to be back in stock. I buy them every week. Molly gets a hard boiled egg every day. I hope your dinner goes fine and the rain stays away!
    Molly got a bath today and tomorrow will be groomies day here, Treacle!

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